PlaynTrade Walpole MA presents GO TIME! Nov. 4th @ 4pm

Guess what time it is fools it GO TIME!!! Who’s ready to throw down at Playntrade? I know I am so come one come all to the next best fight night! Get HYPE!!!

Here is the video for how much hype there’s gunna be!!!


90 providence hwy
Walpole MA 02032 (Next to papa gino’s inside the mall)

Tekken 6

4pm to 10pm

November 4th 2009

Venue fee:

SF4 360 and PS3
T6 2 PS3 set-ups

It’s BYOC people!(Bring your own controller)


Damn, cant do wednesdays at all. Thursdays would be way better since its like 10 minutes from my house.

Alright good stuff, very close to my town.

We are just seeing what the reaction is for this so we might do more than one night. We actually need 1 copy of Tekken 6 for PS3 and if you do bring a copy then the store will waive your venue fee.


sorry tom, id love to go since this is a stones throw from my workplace and considerably closer than GU was, but wednesdays are very bad for me

Not a problem wave I am trying to see what people think of the place and the owner and I will be discussing plans from there. I would eventually like to make it on friday’s but we will see. Spread the word about GO TIME!!!

are u doing next wens???
and if posible … can u make it longer …
6h = not enough time for SF