Playing without a gate on a JLF madcatz TE

Ok so I had my madcatz TE for about a month but havent really been using it cause the square gate sucks!!! So I was reading around the Google machine and it brought me here to this site which is awesome. Basically it told me to replace the square gate with a GT-Y octagon gate. So sitting around waiting for the gate I decide to try to mod it and remove the small square gate that’s inside the restictor plate which then made the restictor plate into a circle, and it seems to work pretty well. So I was wondering if anyone else tried this??? Seem like a cheap mod or a temp mod while you wait for you new octagon gate.

I’m pretty sure I read that you want to keep at least some sort of gate on the JLF, something to do with risk of damage to microswitches.

I did this once with my old Hori stick, I thought it felt kinda funky having no gate and no resistance .

Like i said it only a temp mod if your tired of the square gate and don’t wanna wait a couple of days for the octagon gate to arrive. Havent received the oct gate yet so I cant compare it but it’s wayyyyy better then the regular square gate.

I disagree. Everybody has a preference over what they like to use but I find the square gate fine. It’s not really a cheap mod, for it to be cheap it would have had to cost you something to modify it. I would be careful incase you damage your microswitch’s. In all honesty I dont think you’ll like the Octagon gate better either if you like how that feels. Both are made to restrict the flow of the joystick. Maybe Sanwa just isnt for you.

Octo gates are nasty :frowning:

You can also get a 2 way resrictor and some sandpaper to make a circle gate out of it. MKL made a thread about it but I’ll let you do the searching.

Yeah I guess you have to be careful to not damage the mircoswitches. Wont the octagon gate decrease the throw more then without any gates?? I only been using the the madcatz for only about 4 hours or so but I was able to do combo I couldn’t do with the square gate. I know I dont like the square gate tho. Guess i just have to wait till i get the octagon to really do a good comparison. But hey if your at home and you don’t like the square i guess you can take it out and see how it feels and if you like it or not.

Cost of upgrade= Zero dollars :slight_smile:

You should really put some more time with the square gate. 4 hours isn’t even close to being enough time to give it an honest effort.

One thing you’ll find discouraging with an octo gate is that diagonals aren’t as easy to hit as with a square gate.

i use an octo gate and i love it, i play Sagat and shoto’s and for me it’s perfect. but it’s all in what you think, i’ve been playing with the octo gate for months now and it feels so smooth, and moves come out easy, i have no problems with any of my moves. it did feel a little crazy at first but once you get use to it it’s great i think. the square just didn’t do it for me at all. so switched it up and it’s great

Here is what rtdzign referred to:

Yeah Im pretty sure ill like the octagon gate as soon as i get it and swap it in but I started this thread for people who hates the square gate and wanna get a octagon gate but dont wanna wait a couple days for it so do the temp mod by removing the little square in the restictor plate and see how it feels.

imo sf isnt sf without a square gate. i tried a octo gate and threw that shit out the window lol. but like kazujiro said 4 hours is just so little time for you to say you hate the square gate. when you get your octo gate psot update on the diff that you felt maybe you will reconsider a square gate

Be it that square gate is arcade standard, it’s far more likely that you suck.

Octogates are horrible for buffering charge characters’ moves. I like my corners.

That a contradicting statement there. How can you say the Octogate is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than square gates when you haven’t received them yet? Ever read Aesop’s tale of Sour Grapes?

I can play with a square gate, I just don’t like them. I prefer no gate, like Happ sticks. However. when I do use a square gate, I find myself blocking crouch when I just want to go back.

I must be strange as well, because I find it much easier to hit a diagonal on a octogate than a square gate. Guile is my main and I play ST on GGPO just about every day. To each their own however.

I love the round gate on the LS-32 though. It’s great for gigantic tagering.

lol, what?

Even though happs have no gate, in practice it’s no different than a round gate.

He’s saying that playing with no gate feels better then playing with a square gate for him. L2r

You see it half-empty, I see it half-full. One could say, round gates are no different than having no gate :wink:

We’re talking about Japanese sticks.

No gate on a Japanese stick = quickly damaged stick. No gate on American stick = difference in design. Round gates are different than no gate (in terms of the internals), but American sticks perform similar to a round gated stick.

What I’m getting at: in standard stick terminology we don’t say “I prefer no gate” especially in reference to American style sticks.