Playing tournament settings during casual/home sections

Hello every one, I’m here to ask some player on what settings do they often play their games on when its causal? Assuming the game you play has a competitive aspect and community/scene that has made an general standard to be played as far as events go( tournaments/events/ranbates). I understand that some games event are base on arcades or console, but that matters is for another time. I’m concern with in game mechanics/features that available regardless of platform.

Personally what ever competitive game I play, if their is generally accepted define standards made, i usually try to always play my casual or events base on that scene standards. The only exception I like to do is change round settings. For example I’ll use VS fighter. Normally its default to have best 2 rounds out of three, some tournaments do this as well. But I personally always set mines to best 3 rounds out of 5.

There’s not much you can change besides amount of rounds, time of rounds and handicaps for VS fighters. Unless it’s Smash bros, but who takes that seriously?

Yeah thats about sums up your question. Thread can be closed now.

Not exactly true. In the MVC2 forum, people are seriously considering a new low tier format. It’s not without good reason since it’s pretty fun to play with the other 40 characters every once in a while.

They probably wouldn’t listen to me, but I think if you ban the pantheon, the second tier, and all the top tier assists (i.e. they can still pick commando, just not commando B) you get an entirely new game with a lot of room for innovation and new strategies.

Maybe I wasn’t clear on what I was asking. I wanted to know how some of the members here prefer to play their casual games. Unless I made an inappropriate thread for this forum I don’t see a need to close it since no one really answer a question that subjective and opinionated oriented.

If I failed to express this in my first post than I apologize.

Uh, just play them the default way…the “tournament setting” is usually tweaking done for a game like Brawl. For example…It’s not like people play third strike, and are like…lets mess with the system direction or something. They just play the game.

When I’m playing I prefer to play with low damage/hit vitality, slow/infinite timer, and as many rounds as possible. As long as someone doesn’t complain, I keep it that way.

Low-life Tekken can be pretty fun.

[media=youtube]7J0a_-yow4Q[/media] Every attack chains together!

We’d usually flip that on when we had friends over who weren’t particularly good at the game or into fighters in general.

I usually want to play on the stock settings as if it were in the arcade. I have a friend who loves to turn off the timer though, which is annoying. He also likes to turn the damage down, which is also annoying. I use to play him in Marvel, and it was so boring having 8 minute long matches because combos and supers did 20 pts of damage each. He said he loves it because it allows him to play more reckless and stupid and not have to worry about the timer or worry about getting punished. For me, worrying about this put’s pressure in the matches and makes it more fun for me. He’ll play me in SFIV with the default settings, but he won’t play me in CVS 2 without playing 3 on 3 and an infinite timer. Which I find really boring and lame, since the ratio system and the timer are important aspects of CVS 2 matches.

I take every casual game seriously (unless I just roll the guy each game). the difference between my tourney play and my casual play is the amount of effort I put into making myself invincible

Holy shit yeah! My friends suck at Tekken so to make things fair I go in with 20% health while they have 100%. Great way to work on defense as you can’t afford even 1 mistake. I guess that’s still competitive for me but my friends are pretty casual.

When playing Virtua Fighter 2 I hate how the default round time is 30 seconds so I change it to 60. I’m pretty casual with that game, but good god the game pad I play with it sure is nice!

lol another fun thing I do is when I play my friends in MK4 on PlayStation I use my steering wheel. It actually has a kickass d-pad and little dead zone on the shape buttons, but it sure is humiliating when you beat your friends with it lol

Dude I thought you’d be like moving the wheel left and right and shifting gears to jump

why you gotta ruin my dream?

When I have guests over to play fighting games, we always use the double elimination format; if you lose twice, you have to leave the house. :smile:

The special settings in GGXXAC+ are great fun to play around with, especially Slayer vs Slayer with +3 jump cancels.

I used to have a bunch of friends who were into Tekken and Bushido Blade. We were all hanging out playing TTT right after launch, but after a while we were kind of feeling Bushido Blade. No one had a copy on hand, so we decided to make Tekken play more like Bushido Blade by playing with handicap. I think we settled at around 30%. Characters with counters were fucking brutal.

I have the same problem when I play with my friends. They like to reduce damage and have no timer as well. It gets real frustrating to play in those settings. They also love using ex characters in games like GGAC+, or boss mode characters.

hyper/simple mode in ac+ is tons of fun (zappa instant raoh infinite, axls chaos roman cancel byakuerenshou into rashousen)
also system direction 3s and messing around with ex mode and ratios in cvs2