Playing Japanese 3S on a PAL Dreamcast

I recently imported a copy of Third Strike for DC. However, I can’t get it to work. I have used my Utopia boot disc to play all my other imports but for 3S it’s not working. It just stops loading it when it’s up to 56% every time. Does anyone have any idea why this is, or know of any alternatives to playing Jap 3S on my DC?

are you sure you have the latest one? there were some legit dc import disks in america (i have one from gamestop) maybe some were released over there you can find in a used game bin at local game store.

I had the reverse problem. US disc on to Jap DC. Slightly different case than yours. All I had to do was buy an American game shark CD (it automatically bypasses the code and works on the Japanese DC) and switch discs at anytime (not like that timing hard to do swap method.)

Anyway its worth the trouble, 3S is one of the best games on that sad system. Shenmue rocked as well.

Thanks guys, yeah everyone i’ve asked has suggested a retail boot disc, i’ll see what I can find. And i’ll check if there’s any later versions for burning software that’s compatible with my computer.

Funny, i’m playing that at the moment. It’s pretty good.

Ha yeah theres a tutorial on playing 3S that they spliced and edit with Shenmue. He walks into the arcade and they put the SF graphic in there so it looks like Ryo is playing SF.