Playing in the WCG for VF5? read this!

Hello all,
Today I was able to participate in the WCG North Regional qualifier and finished first but a certain player named AnoHito misreported the match. Here’s how the matches went:

Match 1: vs AnoHito - He wins convincingly with Eileen 3-0. I used Vanessa. I’m in loser’s bracket now.

Match 2: vs FunkPanda (Brad) - I win this one with Vanessa 3-0

Match 3: vs Lars VFDC Rhul (Lau) - I win 3-1 with Vanessa.

Match 4: vs AnoHito (Ei) - I win 3-2 with Vanessa to make Grand Finals.

Match 5: vs AnoHito (Ei) - AnoHito wins the first 2 games to place tremendous pressure on me, but I come back and win the next 3 games. Final Score 3-2 me.

I report all previous matches and when I look at the final tables, it shows AnoHito as the winner. Wtf?

I will be posting a youtube video of the aftermath very shortly. You will see that I win the final match, then send a couple messages to AnoHito and LarsVFDC.

NOTE: Since all 4 of us were online at once, we played each match ASAP so I wasn’t able to report everything immediately.

Apparently AnoHito was able to submit results before me.

Here’s the video:

Video removed.

And an image showing his distaste for the match:

Image removed.

Damn, that’s fucked up :frowning: Hope it gets correctly resolved for you.

Wow. I hope everything gets resolved and this jackass gets banned.

At the moment, it looks like things will get resolved and that the mistake might have been on WCG’s part.

I think Ray did the right thing for putting all the info and making his case out there.

In any case, we’ll see what the end result will be, but Anohito put his side of the story out there on VFDC:

sounds like just a bad case of miscommunication

This issue has been resolved. Looks like I misreported the results myself . Luckily I had something showing that I won the match though.

My apologies to AnoHito and everyone else.

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