Playing import games from NTSC and NTSC-J

Hi guys.
Months ago I read about the ‘Melty Blood’ fanatics on this forum. Since then I got inspired by the idea of importing games. I heard that I had to use a “Swap Magic” disc for my PS2 slim to play American and/or Japanese games on it.
I have a PAL PS2 Slim and US has NTSC. I also heard Japanese NTSC is different too.

Now my question is, do I need a different RGB cable to be able to view NTSC games on a PAL PSTwo or is the swap disc enough? My TV is 100hz so I thought it wouldn’t be a problem but I hear mixed messages.
For example this one shop sells the swap disc and says you’ll need the cable, while others don’t even sell these cables.
That one shop coincedentally is the most expensive one.
And also, the cable is ?10 and of course I don’t want to waste that money.

I hope there are some people from PAL regions who have experience with this.
I know this is probably the lowest level of tech talk but I’m a complete n00b at this.

Sorry, but I need help. I can’t order anything otherwise.
Maybe there are PAL players who have import experience?
There must be at least someone smarter than me…otherwise this world is doomed!

If you can handle US NTSC, there’s no need for another cable. Unless there’s something new, however, you’re going to need to get the flip-top disc cover and mod your PS2 (because it’s a slim and you can’t just use a slide card to pull open the drive).

I saw people on youtube using “Magic keys” to block sensors instead of changing the flip-top disc cover so I gues I’ll try that. It’s easier and costs only ?2,50.
Thank you very much for you answer!

No no no no no. Don’t use magic keys. Modding your PS2 at all is harmful to any system but I tell you now if you want to totally kill your PS2 drive roter then use magic keys. Trust in me the flip top is the best method for the fat without breaking out your soldering iron. Its really not very hard either. There are a couple of FAQs around to help you achieve this.

Don’t go magic keys. You might regret it.

The OP stated he had a slim, so he doesn’t need to buy a flip top. Swap Magic is great, i hate the region coding on consoles.

As for your tv displaying properly, i’ve never had a problem on any tv i’ve tried so it’ll probably work fine without buying any extra cables.

Here’s how to block the sensors on the slim:

Hope that helps.

I apologize. I kind of skimmed and assumed he was going to make “keys” out of the credit card to open the damn thing.

Heh thanks for fixin’ that up.

Listen to smiler

Thats ok. Yeah i’ve used the slide card thing, it works but you can hear the damage its doing to your ps2. I’m on the look out for a cheap network adapter so i can fit a hard drive, sadly stuff like that is never cheap in the UK.