Playing Haitani first round

Hey guys,

As an average Makoto player, I find it very troubling that I am playing Haitani in the first round.

Any ACTUAL advice on how to approach this match up (character selection, etc.)?

Oh, I forgot to add that I will not be playing Mak against him. That seems silly. Looking for a good counter pick that I can pick up in 10 days.

You know everything he can do…and that just makes it more scary. :\

Play random as fuck the first round
If you lose, he might think you have no idea what you’re doing
If you win, look at him right in the eyes and go “NNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYukkuh”

Just play with who you’re comfortable with, there’s no point in learning a counter-pick character if you only have 10 days to do it in because it’s guaranteed that Haitani has played and defeated opponents using that character that have been playing that character for way longer than 10 days.

If anything else, be wary of Haitani’s he is seriously deadly with it.

yeah, Haitani confirms his crMP into charged LP hayate (cancel if blocked). (starting tu ose this too. It’s very effective)
He’s scary.

But it’s difficult to “play the matchup” against makoto, since she’s not a normal character. You have to play player-matchup, not character-matchup.

Makoto vs Makoto is random as fuck. I would just go mindless auto pilot on a Makoto player I knew was better than me.

If you insist on a counter pick, learn T Hawk really fast.

roll over and die, it’s better than being humiliated. Haitani is a god

Since he is so smart, you can try playing as dumb as possible…might throw him off guard. There’s no way you’re outsmarting him though.

Nah, he’s beatable. Demi-god at best. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway really Goofy, just go Mak. You aren’t going to beat him unless you use someone you know how to use. Don’t walk in believing you’ll lose and confirm your loss before you even play.

just be glad its not his 3S makoto.

going Mak all the way. It will be a rare treat to play him anyway. Just gotta think positively. Thanks all. I’m sure the slaughter will be streamed. E3, FRI at 4PM. Hope to see you there. :slight_smile:

and be glad it’s not his VS sasquatch.

Did Haitani play today on stream? Missed 90% of it. Anyone know who he played, and his current position?

Saw his first match against the OP-- haitani was SCARY. Didn’t see the rest of the stream… Wondering if he’s still in winners. Anyone know?

He’s in losers, apparently.

Haven’t heard much from him since his last match on stream.

He just lost to that Xiao Cammy player. :frowning:

I don’t know why Haitani never went for a safe jump off of EX Oroshi, it’s pretty simple, dash -> cr.LP -> neutral jump HK OS U1/cr.HP. No need to meaty and guess uppercut. Oh well.

Man, I wish I could follow what he does. Feel like his brain works 4x times faster than mine.

…I really thought Haitani was a woman until now.

I did have a sneaking suspicion however…

I just got Kayo Policed.

Maybe I’m thinking of someone else.

Haitani is a woman?!?! Nope, chuck testa.