Playing different fighters at once, how many is TOO many?

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When do you start having major conflicts swapping from one game to another? Up until recently I only played (S)SFIV, I then picked up BlazBlue cheaply which as you all know is pretty radically different. I play 2 characters in SSFIV and thus far, just the one in BB

This has been much less of an issue than I thought, I do hit the wrong buttons to throw/tech/ground tech when I start playing SSFIV after BlazBlue for the first few matches at least. Other than that it’s a pretty smooth transition.

BlazBlue has definitely improved my link execution in SF also.

Problem is, MvC3, KoFXIII and even MK9 are all looking really promising and I know I will want to buy at least 2 of those. Is this going to put me at ‘scrub of all, master of none’ ? I always favour just the one or maybe two ‘mains’ in each game.

What are your thoughts on this?

Meh… I’ve grown up playing a lot of the fighting games you’ve talked about. If you’re lucky and played these games in the much earlier times of that game, it isn’t really much of a hassle. Just keep practicing and stay sharp. As you said how you main maybe only one to two characters. I’m guilty of this too. I usually just play 1-2 characters for all my games too unless the game requires teams (MVC2, CVS2). Even in those I still pick the same teams.

I can still use all the other characters in the games on a average level just due to playing the game since about day 1. It’s all on you I guess. If you can handle it and you see that your game is still sharp as a tack then keep at it. If you see that your skill might be dropping in one game after transitioning, then just drop it and go back to practicing that game until your back in character.

The hardest transition for me was probably SF4/SSF4 being in the throwing. I stopped playing 3S for a while then jumped on playing CVS2 and MVC2 like mad. When SF4 came out I was getting thrown a couple of times due to me hitting throw by f.fierce/roundhouse. That’s how you throw in CVS2/MVC2. Instead you have to hit lp+lk to throw like 3S but since I haven’t played it in a while I had to get accustomed to it again. It wasn’t hard to get back to it cause my mind remembered them 3S days of throwing and tech’ing throws.

Whatever floats your boat. Just do what you gotta do to stay sharp.

It’s just something players just have to overcome. I play many different fighters often. I did have problems in the past going back and forth from Virtua Fighter 3 to 3rd Strike. I Kept forgetting to press G to Block in VF. lol

Now I play Arcana Heart 3, KOF XI, VF5, KOF2002UM, Guilty Gear XXAC, NGBC and SSFIV(sorta) on a regular basis. I’m just used to switching games now.

No such thing as too many. Is such thing as too little.

Well, most top players are only good at a few games at a time from what I noticed.
I know you get exceptions but there are very few people like Justin Wong, Ryan Hart or Kaqn.

Well, most top players are only good at a few games at a time from what I noticed.
I know you get exceptions but there are very few people like Justin Wong, Ryan Hart or Kaqn.

I only have trouble going from 3D to 2D games as the block system is often different (button press vs. holding back).

I play a few different fighters. When changing from say JoJo’s to KOF 2k2 it’ll take me a couple of rounds before I can get used to the timing of combos again but that’s usually it, as long as you remember what system belongs where and who does what I’d say you’re pretty safe

Assuming you want to actually be on top of your game in each. 2 is generally very manageable. 3 is kinda pushing it but still manageable. Once you start going over that you’re likely going to start having problems.

if you wanna be pro obviously playing a multitude of games is gonna get you no where.

I play a bunch of fighters. Some are easy, some are not. Doesn’t really bother me in the learning process.

One of the reasons that the fighting game genre died before was over saturation of BAD fighters. The quality of fighters now is getting pretty awesome. Even the new MK looks good!

Time will tell.

Sadly, this year only brings a few games like ssfiv & blazblue: cs…kof xiii which is unofficial yet