Players north O Seattle?

Are there any active players nw of Seattle?? I could use some good games.

Yes, there are. I actually went to school in anacortes, and have a couple friends out in Oak Harbor, as well. Unfortunately, there aren’t any fighting game buffs/fans that I can think of other than Paul (mynameispaullee), myself, Alex, and Colby. Justin (gogandantes34) is a bellingham player, but that’s hella out of the way.

If you want to get some games in Paul and I are the most accessible gamers north of seattle. Alex, Paul, and I all live out in mount vernon (alex is in burlington, but that’s close enough). I’ve got time during the week for now, but Paul works til 8 most weekdays, but doesn’t start til 4 on tuesdays and thursdays, I think.

Anyways, if you can make it out to skagit (island transit takes you right out of Oak Harbor to the Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon for free), then feel free to give me a call at (360)202-0227

Hope to hear from you soon!

It’s Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s with every other Saturday off also. Yeah give me a call if you want any games eh? I can play till late on the nights before my late start days. 360/421/8844

EDIT: I forgot to ask, what games do you play anyways?

I play street fighter… fill in the blank… & I own a lot of others including some very retro stuff. I own a ps 2 and and 360 … and wii as well as the old school stand by’s… snes n64 gensis dreamcast. In fact here;profile But to better answer your question I am not great at any of them but I love to play just about any fighting game. I teach taekwondo in marysville twice a week So I will try to give you guys a call. And thanks so much for responding.

Sounds good. When do you teach there? I’m guessing that after class is over, MV is an easy stop on the way back if you want to get some games in. It’d be great to meet another player in the area. Skagit/Island counties seem to be a deadzone for unusual hobbies >_<.

Justin lives in Bellingham? W0wzers.

aww i miss the MS Pain Sent.

You guys were nice enough to respond and I did not respond back… sorry about that 12 hour days are getting to me… anyway I did not forget about you guys. My cell is 850-529-6725