Players in Burlington, ON?

Hi all.

I hope this is the right area as I’m not too familiar with the forums yet but I was wodnering if there were any players in Burlington, Ontario? Or perhaps, even a little city called Waterdown (about 15 minutes away from Burlington)? I really want some human competition as the AI has begun to sicken me and my friends don’t even know what a qcf motion is.

So, if you happen to be around these areas, could you post? I’d love to meet and play. I’m sure most of the players are in the Toronto area but here’s hoping. Thanks.

Closest competition is in Hamilton.

…or Mississauga. Ring up G3 sometime. We don’t bite.

Ahh… really? Well travelling is quite the problem as I don’t have a car to go anywhere. =(

Don’t bother ringing up the G3. Come to the Hammer, your best bet is here for closest competition.

You’re probably going to have to find some transportation to Orbit on a friday/saturday night or one of the tournies in the Tournaments and Events thread with “GTASF” in the title.

Way to undermine me. =)

Yeah, take the bus to this guy Darko’s house. He has an open door gaming policy day or night. Just tell him Justin sent you and he’ll give you a room to sleep if you have a long gaming session.

Open door gaming policy? That shit is hardcore.

Its not really an open door gaming policy. If you sleep over, you’re going to have to help him chop a couple of trees down in the morning.