Play N Trade Wants To Host The Fun

Yo folks.

Play N Trade Milwaukie has been trying to host
tournaments and parties and what-not since we
set up shop around thanksgiving last year and
we (Jeremy and I) the managers here have finally
decided it’s time to see what YOU GUYS would
do with the space.

We are a console store, but we have a couple
console versions of some games from the Arcades
as I’m sure do many of you.

Or proposition is this;

Would you come to a tournament if we held them
in our store? And what games would you like to

~Ally, Asst. Mangager @ PNTMilwaukie

P.S. If anyone knows if Ray is on here, I’d love to get
ahold of him.

Here I am!

Already on the phone with Jeremy.

hrm, milwaukie is pretty far out of the way…

but the games we play and train for are

street fighter 3 3rd strike (ps2)
Super Turbo (Dreamcast…i think)
Tekken DR (ps3)
Marvel Vs Capcom (Dreamcast)
VF5 (360)

and of the prior mentioned games only tekken can be played on anyform of HD tv the rest will lag reguardless of any set up financially manageable.

Alright, that sounds good, I know that I have a copy of
Anniversary Collection, MvC2 and I don’t know what else.

We have a couple other stores too if you wanna hook up
another tournament elsewhere, Sherwood, Hilsboro, Woodvillage…


No love for Guilty Gear?
I’m not sure if you’ve planned to hit up the other game sites, like for Smash Brothers… or Dustloop for GG related stuff.
And I’m sure everyone will be giving Soul Calibur 4 a try when that comes out, if you wanna jump on that bandwagon.


If we can run 3 tourneys at once, we could do something like this:

1: 3S, ST, Mvc2, CvS2, and STHDR.


2: Tekken DR, VF5, and Soul Calibur 4.


3: GGAC, KOFXI, Garlic Bread Vs Pizza (Melty Blood) and whatever else you play.

I suggest 1 game per category.


if someone did arcana hearts i’d change my name and enter it

Kof 98 Um!!

Ray - sounds good, I was just addressing the more casual market draw. I’m all for competitive tournaments, but something that has larger casual draws might be needed to help both parties involved.