PLAY(N)TRADE MKvsDC Tournament - Results

GG’s to all the contestants!

Plus and negatives of the tournament.

It might have not been as many players as I expected, and most players didn’t show up at the end, including shoryuken for some reason. But it was very very fun, you just had to be there. And besides, 12 contestants is not bad at all.

We had 4 TV set ups, although we only used one, the others were used for casuals, so everybody was entertained. The downside to the TV’s was “Lag”. Unfortunately, you figure you come to an offline tournament to avoid this, but nevertheless, HDTV is always a problem. Too much input delay, I know a couple of us had lag trouble with that, I couldn’t even hit Raidens pro move teleport, which is basically my B&B.

Also, someone must have took a dual shock remote, because we had a remote missing, along with a USB cord. So if you took it, please return it or burn in hell! :nono:

And finally, thank you very much for showing up. Mad props to Kabezone for taking first, im sorry it was only a gift card, unfortunately, some of the people who were supposed to show up, didn’t. I expected that to happen, since its usually a problem in all tournaments.

3.Krayzie Bone
6.Tek Ressurected

^ This is from the top of my head, im not sure if its correct. I will update this later.

Shout outs go to DarkHood88, it was nice to meet you dude, thanks for showing up. Same to Tek Ressurected, you had a very nice Liu Kang, and of course Gunz, thank you for supporting the event along with Wonder_Chef and LuLu smacks!

LuLu Smacks! thanks for handling the stream.

Big props to Obey for the cam, and Vest for the support!

Ownage and KabeZone, good job. Decent turnout and fun as hell!

thanks to mee too… cause i let him borrow my laptop and obey for the camera…

Oh shit! yeah, how could I forget Vest? I wouldn’t of been able to do all of this shit without him, so mad props to DJ VEST!!!

Honestly, I’m pretty amazed to see 12 people for a MKvsDC tourney, especially when it was Halloween and a SFIV ranbat on Sunday.

Small SFIV tournies these days don’t get much more than 10-12 people, can’t expect much more these days unless it’s a major. I know FNB and Cicadas can pull off semi big crowds because Vest and Brian already established themselves through many many sessions. You can’t just start off big man! Gotta start small.

Yeah, there was actually a good number that couldn’t make it, but were planning on attending this.

Yea, a lot of people.

I got peed on so much. :(!

But you like pee. :wonder:

yeah, my friend shoryuken really wanted to go to this thing, but for some reason, you were lagging on him, don’t know why, he asked you for directions and no response. :lame: he was waiting like for 1 hour and nothing. oh well, he ended up playing tekken 6 at my sunday casual session.

I feel really bad now. I was on a shoutbox for a little bit, but I left because since I was hosting it, I had to do a couple of things before the tournament. I also had to take care of a couple of things before the tournament, so I left a bit early.

Other than that, I gave him a flier with the directions, so I don’t understand how he couldn’t go, I mean, I gave everybody directions.

If you see him anytime soon, let him know there is a good possibility that I will host another tournament. Just recently I have noticed a small surge of MKvsDC players asking me to host another one. I just need to get some stuff done before this, but most likely it will happen. I will fix some of the problems this last tournament had, like the TV lag we experienced and reasonable amount of time for notice.

why on earth would you use HD TV’s for a tourney?

oh well, you peeps need to put down the kiddie MK and get on that NEW old crack, UMK3 :wgrin:

P(N)T supplied the TV’s Tim.

How about you old bastards get with the program and drop UMK3? :slight_smile:

Any good lanterns?

Ownage had an interesting Lantern.