Play N Trade Harvey, La SF4 Beat Down Tournament Aug. 23 Results

There were about 32 entries that I can remember…

SF4 Top 3

1st Patrick (Vegita-x)-Zangief $240.00
2nd Jacob -Bison $80.00
3rd Nick B.-Ryu …Handshake

Jimmy has the brackets and will post the full results shortly… Man I never seen so many Sagat players in one tourny:wow::wow:… gg to everyone and can’t wait until the next one… see everyone at the next ranbat tourny this sunday…

Somebody needs to stop you, Pat. The shit is too free. Wish I was home :devil:

EDIT: Btw, Props. :rofl:

the word of the day was: TIGER

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Here are the Results of Play N Trade Beat Down Tournament:

It doesn’t pay to be under 2nd so work harder guys! These are the guys to beat down here and let me tell you they are Hard!

Top 8

1: Vegita-X (Zangief)
2: Jakob (Bison)
3: Nick B. (Ryu)
4: LB (Sagat)
5: Jonathan M. (Guile)
5: Thanh (Sagat)
7: Bertell (Cammy, E Honda)
7: John N. (Ryu, Sagat)

Thanks for everyone coming by and supporting this SF4 Event. Sorry if some guys feel lag on some LCDS but hey no where is perfect. Only a few guys complain about it but not everyone. All we need to do is get together and see how we can correct this probem. We are just trying to put up a show for everyone to enjoy. Alot of people came and yes there was alot of Sagats but really there was only 3. Best of show goes to Master Zangief Pat with his amazing show of skills. Props to a few guys like Jonathan with his Guile, Nick with his Ryu, Jacob with his Bison and LB with his skills with Sagat. So next time we will continue to work on making future SF4 tournaments alot better. Thanks for the support guys and you will see more events held here at Play N Trade Harvey, LA.

Just remember SF4 Fight Night is held every week starting at 5pm till 9pm. The guys that do come are really good, so if you want to get ready for the next big event I recommend practice with people instead of online. So we can also discuss what we did wrong and what we should do with certain match ups. Guys in japan do this at Arcades so that is why their level of play is high. We need to show everyone what the Dirty South is made of at these out of state events.

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yeah good shit jimmy. theres lag bitching at every tourney so dont sweat it. glad we could throw down at play and trade, sorry we stayed til 630—past closing time lol.

play and trade > gamestop anyday

edit: this is jonathan btw

edit 2:

rofl :rofl::rofl:

pretty sure hes still waiting on his prize pat…

Videos are up.