Play me on XBL

Hey everyone, I would like to improve on my remy skills so i thought i would ask here if anyone would like to play me on XBL and show me some new tricks with remy :tup:

Dunno about new tricks, but I am learning myself, so an exchange of knowledge, skill, and perhapse a few fists on XBL would be appropriate.

Same question/call out; Any Remy players who have XBL care to show some tricks feel free.

i could teach both of you some new tricks but i only play on weekends .my gamer tag is Hurricanekick9 send me a friend invite if u wanna learn a litte

Wow!, MacabreDerek you also live in winnipeg i see. we should play some time for sure ^^.

do you have a headset, I can tech you almost everything I know. Gotta keep some secerts ya know.

Ill rape you with remy for free… no headset i use a stick:tup:

Pelican universal arcade stick has a slot for headset :confused:

I would, but I doubt I’d be much sport as I am. I am always looking to learn something new though, so if you have a Tuesday or Wednesday free I’d gladly hook up.

Been playing bulldancer on live with rage anyone else wanna share in Remy mirror matches hit me up on live.