Platinum Trophy

Had this game forever and finally got the platinum trophy, was just curious as to how many people on here actually tried to get the trophy and succeeded.

From C to Shining C took me forever and was extremely frustrating.

i did C to shining C early, i found it fun.

I got Platinum a while ago, i’m not a trophy whore, but i go for them on any game i play heavily (DMC4, Resident Evil, this)

I’ve pretty much given up on the achievement completion.

A tremendous amount of the Titles tied to (online) match performance refuse to unlock. I can’t remember the last time I’ve unlocked one.

Congrats on the platinum. I got it about two months after Super first came out. C to Shining C was fun, but long.

two months? thats pretty impressive, it took me forever lol :frowning: