Planet Zero Arcade 07-14-06 Mvc2 Ranbat!

Mvc2 Ranbat Friday 07-14-06

1st- Brad (Carnevil)
2nd- Me (Chris)
3rd- Daniel N. (Power Dn)
4th- Rudy
6th- Kakaroth
7th- Jumm P.
8th- Andrew (Anjita)
9th- Ron-O
10th- Ivan
11th- Big Chris
12th- Gene Flowers

God I had this tourney, oh well. Third times the charm, if something else goes wrong then DONE!

Daniel! Next time you have to leave, just dont enter! Again!:annoy: :arazz:

good shit top 3, see ya all in vegas!!~

GS @ Evo West!

OMG, chris what is going on? If I don’t shoot you, someone else does… never met the guy, but I hope Brad goes to Evo. As for you chris, bring your matrix A-game and see if it still gets pwned by my scrub-a-dub-dub.

Of course, you’ll bring your MSS and give me a run for your money… I finally got a chance to play another MSS player at a tourney and figured some things out… oh, his name is Mike btw :slight_smile:

See you at Evo… Beat Yipes and crack the top 8 :stuck_out_tongue:


i figured out miked is cheap

i’m not cheap!! the only thing I have to my advantage is the start button…

EDIT : Mike… it’s Mike-D… just like Mike-Z…:lame: