Places to buy SSFIV:AE for PC that aren't Steam/Capcom?

I’ve found exactly none.

Gamersgate is a good source, but use Paypal or have a credit card that doesn’t give you foreign transaction fees. as well.

why not capcom I bought it from there directly tell me I did not do something stupid :confused:

how about amazon?

They should be good, I would think that would be the BEST place to get it really.

shop in real life?

I’m also looking for the best deal on AE PC! Essentially, you only need the serial code since there’s already a fully cracked AE for PC on torrents (got posted 30min ago). When SF4 came out on the PC I bought the code from Direct2Drive (AE there is 30 pounds right now). Is there a cheaper deal than D2D?

I don’t need the physical disk/case since I don’t own a DVD-drive.

Jesus the game already got leaked?

i’m rocking with my juri mods right now
pregnant sakura is actually pretty disgusting now that i look at it

From what I’ve seen, D2D is the cheapest. It usually is, considering you can use a referral code for 15% off, or if you have a 20% off code, you can use that too.

I’m looking for those D2D codes actually. Anyone know where to get those?

Also keep in mind the time required for it to be cracked, which is odd because I didn’t see a third party uncracked upload.
So much for Capcom’s amazing DRM they tried to screw us around with.
Downloading anyway, I’ll be reinstalling without cracking to use my serial key with absolute safety, just in case.

And C2Q, D2D won’t give you the serial code until the game is out.

I meant coupon codes for 15,20% off on D2D lol.

Yeah I downloaded it also, but gonna buy the game anyway. Consider this basically the same as breaking street date.

The code I used was SIZZLE, don’t know if its still valid.

Yeah that one was invalid but dang i should’ve preordered it when it was haha. It was a 25% off code.

Is it possible to re-use the Cd-key from SF4 or another GFWL games for AE similiar to what was done with Vanilla?

Same here, I want to support PC so im gonna buy it no matter what crap the crackers come out with, plus half that shiz is packed with trojans I dont trust it.