Place your bets!

Right, here’s how it’s gonna go down. You post your predictions for NYCC and I’ll edit your names into the pools. Each pool will have it’s own punishment for incorrect guesses. Good ideas for pools and punishments will be added. If anyone has photoshop skills now is the time to get to work on humiliating avatars. Let the hype begin!

Pool 1- 4 characters will be revealed:


Punishment = Signature changes to “I rage quit” for a month.

Pool 2 - 6 characters will be revealed:

Punishment= Avatar changes to D.I.N.O (Dante In Name Only) for a week (I am merciful).

Pool 3 - M.O.D.O.K will be revealed:

Punishment = Avatar changes to this:

Pool 4 - M.O.D.O.K will NOT be revealed:


Punishment = Ideas?

Pool 5 - Magneto will be revealed:

Punishment = Signature changes to “Magnets? How do they work?”

Pool 6 - Megaman will be revealed:


Punishment = Not only must Jocelot use the KFC lexicon he must change his avatar to Colonel Sanders and signature to “New Dante is awesome! Haters gonna hate!”.

I bet on you creating a duplicate thread…

Oh wow. I took longer than I thought to write all that. My bad I didn’t see it. :sweat:
I messaged Preppy to lock this.

Locked by request. I believe you can delete the thread yourself, which is usually cleaner.