Pixel's Child's Play tournament Ames, IA

Here are the results for the tournament held by Vinnie in honor of Child’s Play charity organization. HUGE HUGE props for Pixels Game Store for letting this event be ran in their store. This was a ton of fun and I’m very glad I came up to this.

1 christian
3 Bo Lo
4 Thomas
5 Trans Nible
5 Greg Dang
7 Gary
7 cory
9 Tony
9 Darna Beng
9 Blake
9 Justin Hines
13 Tristan Hines
13 Jordan
13 Souvanny Sisouvan L
13 Connor Gerdes
17 Hayden Gey
17 SomKith P
17 Arthur P
17 Kay
17 Dustin Hulgizer
17 Kamig
17 Kevin
17 Nealand R
25 AKE
25 Vinnie

2 Grog
3 sam (pbjmixxa)
4 Thomas
5 Blake
5 Kevin
7 Souvanny Sisouvan L
7 Dustin Hulgizer
9 Darna Beng
9 Justin Hines
9 Nealand R
13 Tristan Hines

Third Strike
2 Brian Baccam
3 Blake
4 Connor Gerdes
5 Souvanny Sisouvan L
5 Dustin Hulgizer
7 Justin Hines
7 Grog
9 Darna Beng
9 Bo Lo
9 Nealand R
13 Kevin

1 Grog
2 Klaige
4 Blake
5 Dustin Hulgizer
5 Connor Gerdes
7 Kevin
9 Kamig

Mystery Tournament (this was Killer Instinct Gold on N64 for every round)
2 Justin Hines
3 SomKith P
4 Grog
5 Vinnie
5 Kevin
7 Bo Lo
7 Souvanny Sisouvan L
9 Blake
9 Kamig
9 Arthur P
9 Nealand R
13 Dustin Hulgizer
13 Darna Beng
13 cory

If any of the participants do not want their last names posted let me know and I’ll edit them out right away, thanks!

man i like the numbers for KOF 13 wish i had the time to come :frowning:

Lol, when the hell did i become Trans Nible? Anyway. Good times, and a fun tournament that raised some money for child’s play, these are always great things to combine.

Wow, all those players for UMvC3 from IA? …and Murphy playing 3S?

I’m listening!

Also be warned, my 2 narrow losses is only making Vergil that much more hungry. The ToD’s will start flying faster and harder!

I will not perform this badly in Marvel 3 ever again…hopefully. I lost first round to a Captain America player, then I played Blake and lost to him.

GGs to everyone though, even though I lost I had a ton of fun.

Huge amounts of props to everyone for supporting Child’s Play. :slight_smile:

Awesome fun- Pixels was a great place to play. Good stuff to Joker for winning. First of many!

Characters for each game that I can remember.


  1. Joker (Vergil/Task/Wesker) (Wesker/Task/Trish)
  2. Murphagator (Spencer/Sentinel/Wesker)
  3. Bo lo (Captain America/Spencer/Arthur) don’t remember orders meh


  1. Murphagator (all I remember is couch potato Raiden)
  2. Grog (Female Ryu -Athena/Remi - Ash/Male Ryus - Ryo or Kyo)
  3. pbj_mixxa (Athena/Elisabeth/Kula)


  1. Murphagator (Oro)
  2. Brian (Urien, Ken)
  3. NGamer3k (Ken, Chun)


  1. Grog (Sim, Claw, Honda)
  2. Klaige (Claw, Chun, Dee Jay)
  3. Murphagator (Boxer)

Holy shit, Joker won Marvel? o_O Good stuff, man. Also good stuff to whoever 3rd place is for using the most awesome character in the game. FOR FREEDOM.

Can’t wait for the monthly tournaments in Cedar Rapids again.

Fucking pedos. Goddam athenas EVERYWHERE!

Grog taking 2nd with day 1 st-guile… PRICELESS! :rofl:

Shoutouts to still seeing “no one cares syxx” in people’s signatures. :slight_smile:

Great to see everyone again!!!

Mike, you would have shed a tear seeing all the Captain Americas that were at this tourney. But, as for Bo, it was all about dat Arthur

It was really cool running this tourney! I hope to have many more like this! Thank you all for coming and hope more come next time!