Pittsburgh: We got balls for days!

AKA Banana and Ham town

Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/groups/cmuken

Meetup announcement Twitter - @CMUken

Schedule - http://tinyurl.com/64d53bv

Map of Campus - http://www.cmu.edu/homeimages/campus-map/CMU_MapBW_11x17.jpg

Stream – www.twitch.tv/team2a

Stream announcement Twitter - @Team2A

Youtube – www.youtube.com/mashharderteam2a and www.youtube.com/team2a

We play pretty much any game, AE, MVC3, KOF, BB, SG, MD3, pretty much w/e people want to play or are willing to play. As long as you can find someone else to play, feel free to play those games whenever.

CMU: University Center
5032 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Our weekly meetups take place on Carnegie Mellon’s campus. Unfortunately, we couldn’t book the same place every single week so make sure to check the schedule to learn where the next meetup is. The building that the Danforth Lounge and the Connan Room is in the University Center. The building for Hamburg Hall is… well, Hamburg Hall. You can find where all of these buildings are by looking at the Carnegie Mellon campus map wherever it might be on the web. The rooms that we’ll be holding these in will hold about 30ish people, so feel free to bring more people

Parking: The easiest place to park would most likely be the East Campus Garage. It’s really close to the University Center so it’s a great place, though it’s a little farther from Hamburg Hall, but it’s not too far so it should be fine. Parking is free after 5 at the East Campus Garage and since our meetings don’t start until 7pmish, no need to worry about paying for parking

When: Thursday nights.
The starting time varies from 7 to 8:30 so make sure to check the schedule to make sure that you know when it starts. Check our Facebook group or PM me your email for weekly mailouts for when meetups happen.

Equipment: We have 6 lagless monitors, 4 360s and one PS3 and but, not that many copies of games, so if you guys can bring consoles/games that’d be great. And as usual, bringing your own sticks is needed cause we don’t have sticks to provide you guys with :< As for games, bring what you want to play, and we’ll decide when we have all the games out there.

awwwwwwyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. first reply to what will be an amazing thread

Sweet I posted first. We’re in here lol

Here’s how summer will work: I’m planning to stay over the summer, so I’ll hold meetups at CMU every week I’m here.

There will be parts of June where I’m gone, but I’ll post if meetups won’t happen. In short, assume yes, I’ll post if no.


No, I posted first bitches!

You guys all suck at replying first. Fuck this I’m ditching Pittsburgh until people get better at replying first.

Hold up hold up imma let you reply but, bonkler had the best first reply OF ALL TIME!

1 man dp?


How could I forget something that important? I meant to mention that we already threw that game into the ocean so no one has a copy anymore :confused:

Except Jesse D:<

http://streamonster.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/hit-him-with-chair-combofiend.jpg “Why Is Thor wearing a mask?”

More importantly, why didn’t you hit him with the chair?


Allow me this opportunity to express my great disappointment with both this title and its namesake. A while ago, i’d say approximately 8 months, the fellows and I were talking and they absolutely raved about the plums of this Trey fellow. Just all around sterling material they said. Size, wrinkliness, and even symmetrical hangage. Needless to say, as soon as my schedule allowed, I scheduled a flight to see what I was promised to be the 8th and 9th wonders of the world.

I was greatly (not hugely…) disappointed. I don’t mean to malign the poor guy, they were a perfectly fine pair. However, they were not what worth a trip across the Atlantic. After I got back to jolly old, I convened my friends and demanded an accounting. Apparently, they said, the rumors of steroid use are true. Now, I had heard these seemingly spurious rumors before and shucked them aside with ease. A phobia for needles is often a great hurdle. One, in fact, which I intended to cure the good man of. I don’t think I say this with much exaggeration, but after a night with me the only emotion a needle fills a young man with is a since of girth related disappointment. The fear of penetration is long gone.

So that’s my tale (sadly, no tail). I complained to the Better Business Bureau, but they had the audacity to say this fell under another’s purview. After much searching, this thread accounts for the greatest body I could find to address the issue. I implore you to stop spreading false rumors. There are others out there like me who may not have heard the news. So lets not let another man waste his time and money.


Elton John’s Mouth

Sir Elton John’s Mouth, I’m sorry to hear that Pittsburgh was not able to provide you with balls for days. Next time, you should visit our town hero Nate, if any of us are equipped with jumbo balls, it would be him. Pedro Cerrano, in his careers greatest work, Major League 2, attempts to display the size of Nate’s junk. Here, have a look for yourself [media=youtube]gwMIot_hbZ8[/media]

Cerrano is a true pro. Notice how the left hang is slightly lower? Its hard to find an athlete who will accurately represent the hang on an 11 year old just to get a realistic dance, but pedro put his freedom on the line to get that information.

Special shout out to post surgery Eric Roberts doing his best to look like Tom Berenger just in case a fourth movie is made.


And I present you now with our newest theme song, straight from the ending of that one arrested development episode, BALLS IN THE AIR!!! [media=youtube]RQQS0ZHy6Uk[/media]

VF5 has the biggest balls out of games, because it takes big balls to play it and even bigger balls to be good at it.

And FS is probably going to be my singular focus personally. Release date is June 5th/6th.

Jacky has always been my main, since VF1 in the arcades, on 32X, and then Saturn. Yes, I owned a 32X as a child, and I had VF1 on it, and it’s a good port. Was the shit actually till I eventually got a Saturn and VFRemix and VF2.

I’ve realized that I fucked up when I created the banner. I forgot to put the one game people actually care about here in Pittsburgh.

Magical Drop 3.

The banner is amazing but still needs sean or dan or both rolling in a ball. Seans roll is iconic for how good and game breaking it is.