Pittsburgh PA anyone?

I’m looking for players either in or close to Pittsburgh. I have been searching around and haven’t seen any indication of a scene in this area. I’ve reached my limit tolerating online play, so I finally decided to make this thread. :rofl:

I was regularly playing in NC for the past few years, but this is my hometown and I’ll be around here for the summer. So if anyone knows of places in the area where players gather, any tournaments, or if you just live here and want to get some games started up offline, post up and let me know what’s up.

The first step to finding the Pittsburgh thread is admitting defeat. Congrats and here you go: Free poo poo trash garbage tier team!

We have a fairly diverse and spread out scene. My name is Jake. I live in Shadyside and play the hell out of mvc3, mk9, ssf4 AE, and I’m a huge fan of the guilty gear series and a few other fighters. Most of us have been gathering at a friend’s place in Sq. Hill for games, which is where we will most likely be on Friday so we can be prepared for the Cleveland tournament this weekend. As for the level of comp, we have a number of mixed players but the main crew is all tournament level competitors.

Regardless, post up on that thread, let us know who you are, what you play, and when you will be back in Pitt and we will get things cracking.