Piranha 3D

trailer looks SOOOOOOO cheesy, but awesome at the same time. I will have to see this one, considering I’ve seen the previous Piranha movies back in the day.

And cuz Christopher Lloyd is awesome.

Awwww SNAP!!! :wow: The fish are back and this time, YOU’RE THE CATCH OF THE DAY!!! Yep, I’ll be checking this out on opening day, overpriced popcorn in hand to hide the smuggled in candy. Damn a three dollar snickers bar!! I’m packing the backpack and getting wild in there!!!


should be out already if it wasn’t for stupid kick ass

do not want.
i’d rather zombie jaws.

Looks incredibly shitty.

Of course its going to be shitty. Who would expect a b-horror movie to be good lol. I might see this movie.

Pretty much what MVC2FAN said. it’s a b-movie. It shouldn’t knock your eyes out with the razzle dazzle. kinda like oldschool batman movies weren’t that high tech, but still brought it to you with their style. If they capture that in this movie, I’m all over it.


b-movies don’t have 18 million dollar budgets

mega-piranha is a b movie this isn’t

No, b-horror movies are great when they do what they set out to do. That is, become a b-horror movie (over the top gore, cheesy plots, etc). This doesn’t even seem like it’s going to do that. Hence, looks shitty.

this looks real bad


Apparently you’ve never heard of Snakes on a Plane. Best b-movie ever. Yeah, b-movies don’t usually have high budgets, but this certainly fits the envelope for a b-movie.

I want to see this movie, but these kinds of movies are only good to see with your friends. Having someone to laugh at all the bad with makes all the difference.

no it isn’t and snakes on a plane isn’t. neither was grindhouse. they are big budget movies trying to be b movies.

you’re not really going to find any b movies in theaters now because it costs way too much to distribute movies. they’ll show up straight to dvd or on sci-fi saturday nights. occasionally one will get picked up by a studio with a small distribution.

people just apply the term b movie to any campy movie with ridiculous plots or over the top ness but that’s not really in spirit of the definition. b movies don’t have to be that. primer is an example of a b movie that is exploitative or ridiculous

the original piranha would be considered a b movie, this one not really.