Pipes, Camera, Action!: Haggar Frank Synergy + Dante

Forgive me if this is all common knowledge by now, but sadly the Haggar forums don’t look as populated as trenchcoats and my terrible execution and stream monster heart would like some input.

So, everyone already knows Haggar and Dante make for great Level 5 Setups for Frank. Haggar commonly with Lariat xx RFF, and Dante with the THC. But, I think there are two very important factors that aren’t used as often as they should be (and forgive me again if they’re used all the time under the rug.); and the two factors are Jump-Cancelling and DHC Glitch’s remaining spinout.

Now, Why does this affect Haggar? Well, for even someone with as terrible execution as me, most of the people who long forgot the DHC glitch usually forget Hoodlum Launcher is an activator for it, and by tiger knee’ing / Jump Cancelling the Hoodlum Launcher into a wiffed Haggar Hyper and DHC’ing Devil Trigger (Hard Tag) or West (Wiff ToS), if gives a free Level 5 combo for Frank. Yes, Haggar can Combo into a Level 5 Setup, not just Lariat for days.

Plenty of people use Hard Knockdown Hypers for Hard Tag, so why waste two meters for it? Simply, because it’s MF’in Haggar. But seriously, Haggar does too much damage, and gains so much meter himself that Haggar is one of the few candidates that DHC glitching would be efficient in.

Like stated all too many times already, I have terrible execution, but I really see potential in this team (can combo, pressure, or reset easily off both assists, Dante TAC is crazy helpful for both other characters, every character is a meter monster, Haggar (A) Dante (A) or Choice Assists and Frank (A) on your side, over 3M overall team health, ect. ect.)

So this is a call out, I would really like to see someone Haggar / Frank technology or even just more efficient combos in particular since I just do basic ass combos. Fuck it, you can just make your own thread and post your videos on it, this stream monster just wants to see sick ordinary men technology.

Thanks for reading.

What is the timing like on this? I think I got it when I DHCed immediately when haggar touches the ground. My problem is that getting that timing is damn near impossible because the number of hits on the hyper are not consistent. Do you have a video anywhere of this? Also, if this does work, you should be able to call in lariat assist during camera shot for a second shot.

If you’re talking about the Hoodlum Launcher xx DHC Glitch; DHC Glitch requires, a Grab State (Hoodlum Launcher), and for a DHC to occur during the Grab State without any Physical Contact (Sentinel Drones is not Sentinel Physically Hitting). What you’re supposed to do is Hoodlum Launcher, Tiger Knee either of Haggar’s Hypers (Should still be on the ground) but Wiff/DHC before it hits them, the next character’s hyper needs to also Wiff or not be a Physical Hyper (Second option not advocated due to actual hitstun no longer resetting since being patched), This should cause the DHC Glitch spinout.

You can also refer back to the old DHC Glitch Vanilla posts for more character options.

Also yes, typically DHC glitch allows plenty of time to either Hard Tag Frank in, or for him to wiff his ToS and give enough time to QCF+S, Lariat Assist, QCF+S at the very least; haven’t tested combo followup with all that hitstun deterioration.

Proof of Concept (Not my Video): [media=youtube]4w8KMOjav4U[/media]
Spinout Occurs on 0:15 and spins until hit/reaches the ground.
Any BnB ending in Hoodlum Launcher is Viable, and a Good amount of Wild Swings will get you over 50 Hits easy.
Again, unlike Vanilla, neither damage nor Hitstun is reset, but the spinout is a valid tool for people who can tag in and do whatever they want.

This unfortunately doesn’t work with my team from what I can figure out. In order to DHC into Frank I have to use Hawkeye’s triple shot to help otg. The problem is that I have to call the assist too close to when I need to DHC and Frank is unavailable. If I start a combo on the ground with Haggar, I think it is more reliable and practical to do a ground series>full mashed RFF>hard tag>lariat assist with 2 snapshots. It still does a bunch of damage and gets lvl 5 for 1 bar.

Good place to look to start out on this.