Pink semitsu ps-14-k clear top?

I am going to mod my TE (art, buttons, stick ect),
and I want to use the Pink semitsu ps-14-k screw in buttons (because my art is mostly pink).

I have seen sticks that use other colors than the white ps-14-ks, and I really don’t like how the art looks behind the colored button.

So I was wondering if anyone sells ps-14-ks screw in pink base with clear button so I can have a pink base and my artwork actually looking good.

If you do please pm me… But I’m not buying for a few weeks so i would like to settle on a price for 6 buttons and probably a semitsu ls 40-1 (If those fit in Tes) if you have.

FYI PS-14-k are the discontinued snap-ins. PS-14-kn are the screw ins.

Usually people buy a a second set of buttons for the clear centers.

Also this probably belongs in the trading forum.

PM sent :slight_smile:

Gremlin solutions offer mix and match on their K-Ns :slight_smile:

I have just received some Seimitsu PS-14-GN’s from Andy @ Gremlin sol. These are the puppies you want!! They are solid rim (I.E pink) with clear plunger (to insert art) as it happens these are the colours I am using on my latest build. Link here - Seimitsu PS-14-GN (clear) - Gremlin Solutions.. Special order item, but Andy got them to me within 5 days (including ordering them from Japan!!) cant recommend them enough!