Pink Gorilla MvC3 Launch Party

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is coming out February 15th, and Pink Gorilla is celebrating with a launch party! On Tuesday the U-district Pink Gorilla will have MvC3 setups running all day for people to play. And starting at 7:00 we’ll be running a tournament for a copy of the game for the system of their choice!

Pink Gorilla University District
4341 University Way Northeast, Seattle
(206) 547-5790
Facebook Event Page

Tournament entry fee is $5, and will be double elimination, 2/3 games.
You can preregister before the 15th at either store to get a free PG poster!

-In addition, all used Marvel & Capcom merchandise will be on Sale Feb 15th:
20% off to those wearing a Pink Gorilla T-shirt
10% off to everyone else

what happened to the arcade?
boycott. ill get my games elsewhere.

Fuck pink gorilla! You only go there if you want to get ripped off.

Incredible start! Heya maybe you fellas should just block these guys from your community.

I’ll probably head there and pick it up after my midterm. Are you working/gonna be there on tuesday paul?

next time your ass is in Spokane paul, we will have to battle down on MvC3… mos def

Yeah, I’ll be working Tuesday. I’ll have to see if I can sneak some games in during my shift.

And yeah, I was half expecting this kind of reaction after the whole thing with the arcade :stuck_out_tongue: I know everyone’s upset about the arcade closing down, but that’s why we’re starting to do more events, including this one. If this goes well, there’s a good chance that we’ll be doing more fighting game tournaments in the future.

Anti, I’m a new man now. Spokane ain’t ready for me!

whats the payout structure of this tourney? 70/30/10?

cause currently it looks like ur taking 5 dollars for entry, but only offering a (1) copy of the game as a prize. If u get 20 entrants, and a game costs 60 bucks who pockets the cash?

i smell BOP NATION. lets see what happens.

If you’re going to talk shit then please explain yourself. Otherwise, be quiet. To what extent is this “ripping off”?

Ho shit, might have to stop by for this.

It’s right outside my work and I could play it sooner than busing home for my copy XD

The shit over there is hella over priced.

You shouldn’t shit talk an establishment if they haven’t done you any personal offense. You as a consumer have the option to buy from where ever you choose, so feel free to take your ass elsewhere.

PG staff have always been friendly to me when I go in there once in a while, and stores like that are a dying breed. Their prices seemed fair and may be the only thing keeping their business running.

Thanks PG for holding a fighting game event!

I expect that when I give my money to a business they are making a profit to help keep the lights on and pay for their time. I don’t question who is pocketing cash when I pay $5 for Teriyaki. It’s a pretty straightforward exchange.

I’m not sure it’s more honest for someone to show up, play games for a few hours, and expect to be duly compensated.

Exactly, even though we’re doing this partly for fun, we are a store, and we are trying to make some kind of profit.

Though to be honest, I had the same concern about the prize structure when I first heard the plan. When I spoke to the manager about it, he said he wasn’t planning on a ton of people entering, but I think he’s underestimating just how hype people are for this game (or maybe I’m overestimating, who knows). He told me that if this ends up getting a lot of entrants, we could possibly bump up the prize to compensate.

Word :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you PG for even hosting a event! I’m sure that place is gonna be POPPIN for the tournament…

I’ll try and make it out for this! I’ll definitely stop by on my lunch to play :slight_smile:

You know what else is hella over priced? The costs of running a store in Seattle.

people showing up to this event are going to purchase their copy of the game there. so that is 60 dollars per person. isnt selling a game to a person that shows up enough profit?

i never asked for a free tournament. I was thinking that since they were going to make money from selling the game, they would not be greedy and try to make money off the tournament.

imo if you wanna do a event like this, it would be free entry, and 1 top prize a copy of the game.
or run a normal tournament with a normal cash payout. then sell the game at midnight.

like i said BOP nation.

unfortunately not many people think or act like this.

the only consistent donation at the dojo was beer.

people would come over, use our electricity, make a huge mess and leave. (i got tired of cleaning after the first few months cause i dont get paid 10 bucks an hour to do work at my house)
i think we may have recieved a total of $100 in donations over the last year(that i saw).
we get a LOT of traffic at our house.

i have a venue, i have tournaments at my venue, and i also have COSTS (rent, electricity) I may not have a legit store front, but i am running the same service.

so i will call out anything that sounds fishy or wierd. i will say what i need to say to call stores out when I VIEW them abusing players.

I’m planning to head down. Hopefully see some of you guys there.

Hey is there a rule about sticks Paul?