Pinball Side Buttons?

Obligatory: Couldn’t find any threads on this. Please skip to the next thread if this sounds lame to you. I’m old as dirt. :wasted:

Does anyone have experience with adding left/right flipper buttons to the side of their case? Any thoughts on the button placement? The X-Arcade is the only case I know of that shipped out with these. I’m probably going to just copy their button placement if no one chimes in.

For anyone who thinks I’m off my rocker, here are a couple of pictures of the old X-Arcade Solo for reference.

I’m planning on using this on the second Williams Pinball Collection (Funhouse) on PS2 and Visual Pinball on PC.

Thanks in advance.

I’d say close your eyes (if your case is already created) and see where you hands smack the side of the case. Whatever feels comfy for ya, buddy.

What do you want these buttons for? Function-wise. If you want them to be easy/quick to use then line them up with your cases 6 or 8 buttons. That felt great to me when I tried it out just now.

Edit: wait is this for pinball or a fightstick case? lol

Their layout is fine in my experience, just make sure it’s a comfortable distance depending on your hand placement (thumbs on the front of the case vs thumbs on top of the panel). It’s all personal preference.

I prefer to keep the buttons farther back than they are on the x-arcade. Reaching back a little more for them recreates the feel a little bit better to me of playing on an actual pinball machine.

Thanks for the reply. Any chance you have pics? I’m thinking this would better for lap play. I imagine you have to arch your hands if you put them on the front and set the case on your lap. They naturally gravitate toward the back.

I don’t have that stick anymore (sold it in preparation for my kid being born). But basically I had Happ concave buttons right by the back corners on the side, as far back as I could make them. This way I could rest my thumbs and part of my hands on the top of the stick and hit the buttons with my middle fingers, like I do when on an actual machine.

would you want any other buttons close by, for tilt, plunger etc?

I checked and Visual Pinball has three tilt buttons: left, center, right. :looney: Not sure how that would be best approached.

I’ve seen a few plunger mods but I’m not that ambitious (for now).

Maybe you could find some sort of switch that is tilt activated. Make it so that if you tilt the stick to one side a button is activated which corresponds to the tilt button in the game.

EDIT: This may be a little more in depth than a simple switch but it could allow for some great custom built pinball panels.

Did you see Cyguy’s Stick in the Arcade Stick Thread?