Pictures from TGS aka... Booth Babe Collection

I’ve been doing this for 3 years now and I’ve always looked at Tokyo Game Show as a great photo opportunity. Since it is a big gallery everything has been posted on DFPRADIO.COM. This year we had 4 photographers, myself included, on hand taking pictures of the event. Click here to view the post and Gallery.

Next week: TGS Booth Babes + Negro Install Gallery: I styled NEGRO INSTALL T-shirt it as hard as I could SHATTA!:wgrin:

P.S. Leave a comment on if you have some time. I’m outtie!

I think SRKs Yellow Fever Index has risen by approximately 30 percent…

:lol: just seeing that negro install shirt makes it fucking win!

That shirt is awesome!!! Does the the back of the shirt make a reference to GLENWOOD ROAD? hheheheh

thankx, man. i’ll get you one made when i can.



I finished the gallery but I have to upload it which takes some time…

No Glenwood Rd. references, but I do want a GLENWOOD Shirt in Old English text like San Andreas. I’ll get on making that after Halloween.

Glenwood Road is a road that runs through Decatur and Atlanta. It’s one of the power sources of TEAM EMS.

Man, I just hope you approve of the photos…

Being the 2nd Negro Install Model and Negro Install Ambassador for Japan is hard work.

Wait a minute: What about your brother? Isn’t he the 2nd Negro Install Model. Which would make me the third NiKAGE, (We should have a negro install mountain like Naruto!) Shatta has to be number 1. And all others will fall in line!

If ya’ll start pushin Negro Install shirts, I’m first in line 4 real.:rofl:

I feel ya’. The demand is getting high. I wonder what would happen if… Oh hell naw!

Anyway, I just finished 2 DFPRadio Shows and All I need to do is post the next “POPULAR ADVISE” but here is a sample of what the TGS 2007 Booth Babe + Negro Install Gallery will look like! Click here and go to post #1687

Wow, great photos, you are a hero.