Picking the point character

In me and my friends’ team compositions, no character has been switched around more than the point character has. My Kula anchor sit nice and cozily static, Ryo relaxes in the mid (he used to be point), but the point character slot is a terrible, cut-throat business.

Right now I have Ash. I don’t do any large combos with him. I play him like a lame Guile, up close using his cr.lk cr.lk into flash kick. He zones well. And that says a lot in a game with rolling, I feel. Point is, I’m not even sure if he’s a good point spot. He doesn’t dish out large amounts of damage or do great mix-ups. He isn’t a bruiser. But I can make my friends break their own fingers trying to get in only to get hit with some cr.lk’s into flash kick. And he has a good fireball, something my team lacks.

How are you, my much more experienced SRK brethren, dealing with choosing a point character? Does it feel as critical to everyone else as it does to me?

This could technically go under team construction. I guess I just wanted to note how crazy important the point character seems compared to everyone else.

I’ve always had K’ on point with my team. However, I have switched it up to play Terry first. It’s based on how easy you feel it is to get in with your character and also how well you feel comfortable. I put K’ first also because I’m most comfortable with him even without meter. I am confident in his ability to spend little to no meter and doing real well.

I would recommend picking your 3 favorite characters first, and then figuring out from there who is most suited to be on point.

Based off of what I see on A-cho’s youtube vids, Kula is your strongest point character. She has super confirmable normals paired with wall-to-wall damaging combos and her 1 meter super is bad enough to stop you from relying on it. Ryo is a solid battery for your anchor, a good point character too but K’ or Kula will kill him. Ash is solid in all spots but due to his turtly nature he isn’t a great meter builder and should play as a ballsy anchor, utilizing sans coulette (sp? that big explosion thang) as an addition to his arsenal. So according to what I see on A-cho vids:

Kula - teehee hopsicles
Ryo - lamo shoto
Ash - WTF RTSD, imma charge character but I have 30 second combos and I can still lame u 2 death.

My point character is always my second best PAWN, Clark or K’ or Terry or Goro, Cause My mid is someone who would use up all the bars I made with the point, and the third is one that is deadly! HWAI!,i like that guy, its like JOE but faster!, super fun, i made a comeback with him alone, didnt finish the match cause they guy left … rage quit…

Your point character should build meter fast as well as dominate (at least effectively exhaust the opponents’ teams). I agree with the above post. Kula is your strongest point character. You can play Ash as secondary or anchor, as he’s not a great anchor outside of zoning the opponent out. But since his damage output has been incredibly nerfed for the console version, I personally would put him as a 2nd character. Ryo… Do you like any other character. Not that Ryo is horrible, but there’s better options for an anchor character xD