Picked an enclosure for first box

Been looking for a while for a ready-made enclosure to put my joystick and buttons in. Did not feel like building it out of wood :wink: Just need a hole saw.


I am going with the 17" x 11" one with the 10 degree slope. It is aluminum and has a 2.1mm thickness for the top panel. They also have some non-sloped ones on a different page available in steel or aluminum.

Also looked at some amp enclosures but couldn’t find any that really fit the bill and were cheap. Anyone know of another decent enclosure out there? Plastic could be okay as well.

If you really want a ready-made casing, unless you’re looking to do some weird custom layout, better choices would be:

I’ve personally always felt that the ideal slope for a stick is 5 degrees tops, but that’s just me.

What are those going to run you? You can pick up a panzerstick around 100 bucks.

Scared me a little about the >5 degrees… but I just mocked it out with cardboard and felt good to me. It was about the angle of my keyboard, maybe slightly steeper. I plan on using this on a desktop… not in my lap so maybe that makes a difference. If I was going to use it in my lap I would have gotten maybe the non-sloped 17x12x2 one from here http://www.hammondmfg.com/dwg20.htm

Looked at the links but the only one that interested me was the jasen customs ones.

It cost me about 40 shipped. Also spent 10 for a pair of hole saws from amazon. I had been looking at the jasen customs which is actually what sent me away from using wood. He does make a sweet looking box but when I went to his site it said he is out of town until the end of the month. I then started looking at amp enclosures and eventually found the hammond enclosures.

I also kind of liked having the top a little larger… I think the jasen ones are 14x8.5 inches and the one I got is 17x11.5 inches.

I’ve got a wide-body panzer, two jasenscustoms sega Lindbergh panels, a Foehammer stealth, two Blaze twin shocks, three TEs, and another ten or so custom sticks. I would definitely recommend the PFS wide-body. The 8.5" is pretty much perfect. I’d also recommend the foehammer, but you said you don’t want a wood stick. Jasen will be back at the end of the month if you can wait.

Actually finished it about a month ago but with six buttons instead of eight. We use it at the office and maybe 5-10 people a day play with it. So far very happy with the IPAC and the enclosure. The wiring could be a bit cleaner but I didn’t have any of the sticky anchors to tie them down so left it as is now. Also recessed the joystick bolts so it is smooth from the top. Right now it is a Seimitsu LS-32 stick with Sanwa OBSF buttons.

No one seems to mind the incline of the top. We play for hours and seems fine to us. I like the depth of the enclosure as we have lots of room to rest our hands on it.

Nice work. Did it come powder coated, or did you do that?

It came like that. It is also a pretty substantial case… I was pleasantly surprised when it came in. There are also ones without the bi-color panels and without the slope. The steel ones are all black but the aluminum ones don’t appear to be finished. I am glad I got aluminum though… it was pretty easy to work with. Not sure how fun drilling all of the holes would have been in steel. Was worried aluminum would feel too light but it has a nice heft to it.

the incline is probably one of my favorite things about the Namco PS1 stick, looks really nice. I kind of want to pick one of these up, $40~ is really cheap for that.