Pic Request: gamingnow.net top panels

If you’ve ordered a top panel from Nareg over at gamingnow.net, could you please post your completed box? I just ordered one and would love to see the different results of their product…

For those that don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s the polycarbonate panel found here:


Thanks in advance!!!

Lol, if you’ve already ordered one, whats the point? I’m sure you could use your imagination :wgrin:

^l0l… i’m a software engineer… i have no creativity, i just come up with the code to make shit work :smiley:

I guess while we’re on topic for the panels, does anybody know the measurments for them?

I emailed them the other day to find out the measurements. Their response was

8.125 by 11.75 for the top sheet
7.375 by 11 for the support sheet

oooo that’s hella useful… looks like it’s about the size of a standard sheet of paper…

thanks fireatwill!

Also, they come in two varieties.
1/8 inch thick, and 0.09 inch think (i believe)

The required wood thickness is 3/8 of an inch (for the sides)

Does anyone know where I can get a .psd for his control panel layout?

Thanks, I don’t know where else to ask except the man himself, and he seems a little behind reponses.

Same and same. I’d really like a template.

Thanks for the measurements, fireatwill… very handy. We’re still waiting on the panel to ship, but need to do woodwork this weekend.

AFAIK, his control panel layout is a carbon copy of the standard Viewlix layout, if that helps.

He has a template.

I’m sure if we bug him enough, he’ll give em to us :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Nareg :smiley:

thickness of panel

what is the thickness of the panel? I want to make my stick flush on top. Thanks

Im a dumbass, i watched the video again and he explains it.

Top sheet meaning the size of the whole shebang?