Photoshop or what?

whats a good program to make avatars with?


ms paint pro version 8.1…

Im self taught in both flash and photoshop. I think their both good just depends what you need for example: if you want something that moves then use flash

but if its a still image then defenetly photo shop

I think you can do frames in photoshop but Im not sure how

so is it just called flash or what?

macromedia flash I think 7.0

its at flash 8.0

Photoshop CS/ImageReady, nubcakes

yeah but dont you have to buy those? are there any free ones?

Once again…

… Sigh :stuck_out_tongue:

ive already got that? thats good to make avatars? ha, i just use it to make banners. is it good to make animated ones

evrytime i make one it starts off at a specific time in the animation, can i make so it begins at the start?

cosign, nubcakes.


i tried looking for that but couldnt find it, im going to try again though, and dont i have to buy that anyway?

i finally made one but why’s the R flashing like that, when i put it on the other side and in a 24 font?

check it again its got two frames, one with text one without text

you don’t HAVE to buy photoshop

This one do for awhile i made will do for now

that gives me a seizure looking at it.