Photon Death Ray Blows Through Scientist's Head

holy shit.

sparknotes: scientists plays with photon canon, safety malfunctions, photon bullet shoots through his head (photon carves path through skin, bone, brain and leaves through other side) he sees light “brighter than a thousand suns”, left side of his face melts, loses hearing in left ear, has random tonic clonic seizures, but other than that is fine and finishes his phd.

No super-powers were gained. Does not become Dr. Manhattan :crybaby:

Here is a pic

link? to the text

thats crazy

Here’s my sunday’s best?

if only it was a million suns, then we could have someone explain what the sentry’s power set really is.

assuming we can get past his crazy side.


Yeah I’ve heard of this incident before, there’s actually more photographs showcasing his injuries online.

Can you imagine what must have been going through his head:

“Ohh fuck…”

Since the guy didnt die should it still be called a photon death ray? Maybe just photon ray or Photon ray of near death.

We already know what his power set is:

Whatever Brian Bendis fucking feels like.

I know what was going through his head. A fucking proton beam.


I wonder what his reaction would be if he plays MVC2 =/

photon deaf ray?

Holy fuck, that is nuts!

fixed :coffee:

sounds like a kamayhamaya (sp?) energy beam from dragonball z

“Tremble before our ultimate weapon, the Photon Ray Of Bright Light, Partial Paralysis And Bad Hearing!” doesn’t sound quite as intimidating tho.

Wow. Russian scientists >>> Bill Nye???

Bill Nye never stuck his face in front of a photon death ray.