Phone Suggestions

So my phone decided to just give up on me last Thursday night in the middle of an intense Tetris game. R.I.P Motorola RAZR V3.:shake:

Time to get a new one!

I mainly use my cell for basic things like texting, making phone calls, and of course my daily dose of Tetris. A decent GPS system would be nice but not necessary. Cell phone camera comes handy too. Good reception, durable, and good battery life. I’m looking at the range of $250-350. I’m leaning towards an unlocked phone 'cause after going into different stores (T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T) I can’t say I’ve seen a single phone that actually caught my attention. But! If someone knows something I don’t, post away. My service is with T-Mobile, and the only phone that caught my attention was the Shadow but I don’t know much about it.

Any suggestions?:angel:

nothing motorola



Don’t hate! My little RAZR never gave me any trouble 'til now.

The truth.

I’ve got a Nokia 6120 Classic. Works great and does everything I need. It’s a very popular phone, in Australia at least.

QFT. Motorola’s OS sucks ass. It’s so damn slow since, IIRC, it’s Java based. My last Motorola phone was the Rokr. Hated their phones ever since. Get a Sharp, Blackberry, or Sony Ericsson.

The newer Nokia phones are actually looking pretty good. Might pick one up =P

Motorola used to be pretty decent, but now they aren’t too great. I’ve enjoyed Nokia’s OS’ the best so far.

Nokia e61i? It’s kinda on the big side, but I love mine.

My Razr works fine honestly. For my needs, its fine, no dropped calls, works fine, no issues. I don’t text, etc, I use as intended phone ;).

sprint mogul or tytn for other carriers dont know which. i have it and its pretty nice.

get an iPhone man! I love mine :slight_smile:

You can unlock it using this tool:

Nokia N95, Samsung G800, or any SE, but not that branded ATT shit.

get a Shadow…
mine is mad sexy

I owned a Moto Razr for 5 days before it took a shit on me… Seriously! The thing just went dead completely! I now own a Moto KRZR and haven’t had any problems with it yet. It works well for what I use it for (Phone, Text, Some Internet useage). I can complain that it runs slow at times. Something as simple as getting to a contact in my phonebook can be a pain.

My brother has a T-Mobile Wing and I find myself playing with it sometimes. It runs smooth, Texting is easy and it’s Windows based which is awesome.

I also like the T-Mobile Shadow. Yeah, it’s pretty sexy! Runs nice, Pretty easy to use. I’d consider making this my next phone if I didn’t know that T-Mobile was going to come up with something new soon.

I’m waiting for this.

Some photos

The Sony Ericsson C902 is sexy as well.

I was going to post that if no one else did. It looks sexy as hell. My contract isn’t up for another year and a half, though, and I don’t have the spare money to drop on a new phone so my Nokia 6133, which is fairly meh, will have to last me a little while longer.

I’ve got money pulled aside for one of these guys. I haven’t had a Nokia phone in three or four years as I was strictly a Samsung dude. Nokia’s designs were getting way too wonky for my tastes, but this 6500 slide is just way too sexy for me to pass up.

Probably gonna get that in a month or two after tax season. Gotta love unlocked phones. Everyone asks what kind of phone it is and what provider you go through, then they go to the store to try and find it and get all disappointed. :rofl:

I’ve been wondering, what are some legit places to order unlocked phones from? :woot:

I’m currently looking at these guys:

LG KF600

LG KE800

Sony Ericsson S500
I’ve heard a lot of people had problems with the keys cracking though.:wonder:

T-Mobile Shadow

Any info that I can get on these such as pros and cons, or any other suggestions would be great.:angel:

repped. <3