Phantom Phone Issues

Ok so its been awhile since I’ve asked SRK for help but I’m on some hardcore bullshit right now with my phone. For the past two weeks my phone has been calling people without me doing it, the first week I was like ok I’m pocket dialing cause im forgetting to lock the thing.

Then last thursday I get like 20 calls while at work, call a few people back and they say I dialed them for like a second or two then hung up, I ask what time and they all say between 2-6, I’m working 10-6 that day and know for a fact my phone is locked and in my locker. I work independently with my friend and I know for a fact that his garage was locked that has my locker in it and no one but me and him go in their.

So I call US cellular my service provider, I get to customer service and my call drops. I call again it drops as soon as I call. I’ve had the phone 3 months and never dropped a call, I litterally live a block from a US Cellular cell tower. I go sit under a US Cellular cell tower by my house and call again to be very certain, it drops when I get to customer service wait jingle. I try calling my friend right after and have a 15 minute conversation with him about how pissed I am.

So most messed up thing was yesterday, I’m sitting playing LoL after work ( like I always do ) and I get a text message saying “wtf your sick” from my friend, I call her immediately and she doesn’t pick up and says don’t call me via text, I go and check my text messages and on my phone which was sitting on the counter by the way it shows I sent a picture message and then another saying “its amatuer” to this person. Ok so that is actually pretty funny because I’m positive of what the picture was but still I dont know what the fuck is going on.

I go into US Cellular and they tell me tough shit unless I want to buy a new phone since its outside the first month… wtf should I do in this situation and wtf is happening?

Help me SRK you are my only hope.



Wasn’t there some news report a while back about people getting their phones hacked into? People able to remote control them and do all sorts of shit with it. Sounds kinda like that don’t it?

What’s the make and model of phone?

yeah us cellular, shit stopped happening for awhile then started up again this week, sorry for necro.

Its a samsung galaxy s, not modified running the normal android os. Been looking into it and cant find anything about wtf it could be.