Petition to Add Static Shock in Injustice (DLC)

it’d be really nice if you guys could support me on this…

i would much rather prefer freakazoid, but i guess static shock would be cool too

Lol, freakazoid could have his own fighting game with all the crazy characters in that show.

Nah…this game needs Clayface.

This game needs no more Batman villains.

Then the question becomes, which Static shock?

AHHHH HIS NAME IS STATIC—NOT STATIC SHOCK! That’s just the TV cartoon title and eventually comic series title. Even the original comics ONLY said “Static” on the title! BLARRRGHHHH.

Yes yes this is known. Much like how Shazam will always be Captain Marvel in my eyes. And its so funny how they treat him now via comics and animated specials. Still if hes coming to this game you know he will be Static Shock, its how the kiddies will know who he is.

But but but… :frowning:

Wouldn’t Black Lightning have a better shot of making it in?

I want to say no because he never had his own series. If you look at the heroes its all heroes we’ve seen in animated series or in some other form. Black Lightning didn’t show up all that often in JLA but Green Arrow did as well as in Smallville. Static had his own series that ran for several seasons and crossed over with the Justice League. So he is somewhat fresh. Black lightning would be cool though.

Only reason Black Lightning never showed up was due to legal issues. He couldn’t show up on TV or other media without paying his creator royalties. That prevented him from appearing in Superfriends (replaced by Black Vulcan) and Static Shock (replaced by Soul Power). Funnily enough, DC got some legal issues in using the milestone characters even though they have the license.

I just signed this, this roster is horrible it need more black ppl!!!

This had to get signed, get Static in Injustice!

Meh on Static, why not The Creeper?!

add Static plz

We already have Static in the game. His name is Shazam.

He’s probably my favorite DC character, but even I don’t think he’s needed in the game. That’d make 3 characters who use lightening and has bolts on their chest. If you want another black character in the roster, add Vixen.