Petition: Evo hotels should have av inputs open on their tvs

Sounds like the tropicana’s policy is to lock their AV inputs. Given that Evo is a video game tournament, I would suggest that for future Evos, we only use hotels where the hotel has given us explicit permission to hook up to their TVs.

Half the fun of evo is meeting people and setting up games in rooms. The general play area is crowded and has limited TVs. We really need to have rooms where AV inputs are open.

This petition is for evo staff: Next year, get a hotel that explicitly gives us permission to hook up av inputs.

If you agree, sign your name below.

Totally agree.

Update: I just found out that it is possible to connect your console to the hotel TV without removing the protective guard. I’ll find out exactly how to do it a bit later today and update you guys. RF modulator is necessary.


I haven’t found a hotel yet that I couldn’t bypass.

All I needed was a piece of toilet paper, a plastic pen cap, and an RF Modulator.

I don’t condone such actions though as it’s probably against hotel policy.

But when I have to hook up a dvd/console to do something (I bring anime/DVDs with me on trips to watch), nothing will usually stop me.


i’ll sign my name.

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