Personal Challenge: Samurai showdown

Neinhalt sieger from samurai showdown, i just got frustrated of not having produced anything in a while so i drew this ultra fast, ultra crappy Sieger. I tried to give him an ubermensch look, and all reference i had was an ss2 sprite
and feel free to drop a comment on my deviant art
also i like to call the style sketchy sumi-e-ish to make myself feel better
Alias sketchbook pro and Photoshop

EDIT: next i´m gonna do curves and i´m gonna do it slow and steady.

So did it suck? I need comments so know how i can improve. I value everybodys opinion

Sieger does look a bit blurry, but I think it’s going to be real good if it’s not a rushjob.
I await your Kusaregedo.

just take time on your work
the spirit’s there

I think you should draw with a thicker brush, your lines will look cleaner.
Use “[” and “]” shortcuts to adjust your brush sizes in PS.

I’d also advise sketching out the parts you can’t see, even if it’s gonna be obscured by a large gauntlet. I find doing that helps my drawings, and when I don’t I tend to make mistakes.

I think your outlines should be of similar value (darkness), even if they have different colours.

keep drawing :slight_smile:

thanks for comments