Persona 4 arena guide in discussion

Hello, I’m new to persona 4 arena and i now understand the basic controls such as weak, strong and persona weak,strong also using evasive action and I am going to try getting used to using the burst when I am being combo’d however I am not to strong in combos, I mainly use the auto combo but I also have 1 combo for Kanji,Yu and Akihiko. One of my other weakness’ is getting in on my opponent, I have a bad habit of using the evasive action but it does not work so well I have no idea how I should get in on my opponent. Lastly I am unaware of any mix-ups or what to do against button mashers.
a small guide giving information on all these would be very appreciated :slight_smile: (if possible please include the combos,how to get in on opponent,mix ups and strategy for button mashers for all characters please)


First of all, it’s going to help if you stick to one character and learn all their ins and outs, because every matchup plays differently. Approaching with Kanji is much different than approaching with Akihiko or Yu. You want to focus on one character and solidify your understanding of their options.

Second of all, you’re basically asking for “everything”. Matchup strategy, combos, and setups for every character is a bit outside the scope of a single post. However, is a great resource where you can find all of the combos for your chosen character, and get help with matchups. I would advise going there.

Other than visiting Dustloop and choosing a main character, I think you should try to play other people and identify your weaknesses. Don’t get too bogged down with learning all of the advanced combos; even autocombo is alright for a beginner, that’s why it’s there. Spend your training mode time learning the range of your character’s normals, and learning how to hitconfirm. Then play other people and see where you fall short.

Good luck!

Thank you for the website :slight_smile: well i can handle the combos and im not really to concerned about the mix-ups however do you have any advice for using Yu? he is the begginer friendly character so i wanna use him also all i’d preferably want to know is how to get in with Yu and what to do against button mashers

I wouldn’t be able to give you any decent advice about playing Narukami, sorry. You should ask in the Dustloop character forums, and watch some videos from top players like Hama, Doubt, and Yu-sama to get an idea of how to use his tools.

^ This, the most helpful thing will probably be just watching high-level Yu players, paying attention to what they’re doing and trying to figure out why & how they’re doing it. Also pay attention to what they’re not doing that you do yourself, they’re probably not doing it for a reason. When in doubt, ask around in places like Dustloop.

For NA Narukami players, I’d do some youtube searches for SKD and Grover.

I’d also add Shikki to the list of top Yu players…I might even consider him better than Hama and Doubt, but maybe not Yu-sama.