Perfect 360 Joystick Significant Price Increase Why?

Its been awhile and wanted to get a few complete perfect 360 joysticks from happ. Usually the price is around $45 dollars. But today checking out happ site, they’re charging a whoppin $86 per stick!!!

Seriously thats getting close to the ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR range, jesus!

Does anybody know why there is such a major price increase?

Before i didn’t mind spending $45 for a semi-good stick because of all the possbile poor quality control defects on theses sticks. Everything from, bent led diodes, non working diodes, misalignment issues, plastic molding defects, and etc. Despite all theses possible issues if you got a good perfect 360 joystick it performed so fantastic/godlike, it made its possible headaches worthwhile for the most part.

Now Happ is charing $86! :wow: Please tell me they did this for a good reason like: strict quality control over manufacturing process.,new improved p360 led/diode pcb, or something for the crazy price increase!!!

If they just decided to “up the anny” and not change anything this will totally suck and i guess i’ll move straight to japanese parts.

again does anybody why there is this major price increase on the P360???

thank you all for your time!!!:china:

nostalgia comes with a price…

best explanation, supply and demand.

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thanks for those respones but I guess i should then ask this:

Has Happ improved their perfect 360 joysticks for this price increase?
(improved their quality control?)

I doubt it. eBay has a couple p360s for sale for like 28 dollars less.

Laughs, I don’t think Happ’s quality has improved. I think Happ discontinued the P360 and the supply is getting low (being discontinued is purely conjecture).
And the demand for P360 is going up, hence my reply of Supply and demand.

I think personally Happ has gone to shit since they broke ties with IL and moved production to China.

eBay Pricing does not equal retail/ real world pricing.
Also are there’s prices minimum bids or buy now prices?

Yeah I know that, never go by auctions, this is set as a buy it now and seems he set the price to undercut Happ by around 10 dollars around August. Since he listed that Happ was selling theirs for $68.95.

jlf with toodles spark is a good alternative.

I kinda of had this feeling too that happ maybe discontinuing the P360 stick too, just a gut feeling!
I just wanna know who the fock is gonna pay $86 for it! I mean if it is truly “fix” and working perfect I could understand this price justification but if its just because
of low quanity and near end life, screw that.

I’m gonna try call happ tomorrow and see what they say about this

and yes ebay pricing can be tricky. those low prices maybe for the old problematic p360, who knows but for $28 its still a good deal!

I’ve order one of toodles jlf spark and see how it works out once it gets here. I’m still fond of american pushbuttons and p360 for fighting games though. it seems i may have to make a transition to jap stuff soon, we’ll see

thanks for the replies guys
-srk community is great n i hope to return help to others too!:china:

They’re in new condition for around $60. I said $28 dollars less. Easy to make the mistake though. As rtd said you could make the switch to Toodle’s Spark which is an optical pcb for the Sanwa JLF and throw in a circle gate, bat top and tighter spring to make it a little more like the P360 that or just pick up an iL Eurostick.

When you call Suzo-Happ they’re probably not going to talk down on their merchandise so I wouldn’t take their word for it.

where on ebay are u seeing $28 perfect 360 sticks?
link please :slight_smile: i just looked and could’nt find nothin in that price range
thanks bro!

nevermind, re-read you reply, lol
yeah $60 aint’ bad though

I’m still gonna call happ and see if they are planning on discontinuing P360 stick

$55 + $6 - for spark board and shipping
~$20 + ~$5 - for jlf stick and shipping

which still adds up to ~$80

I would suspect that the price increase is due to some combination of the materials costing more (though unlikely not more enough to justify the price hike) AND the fact that if you get a good one of these they don’t break (which is really true for any optical design) which means that people rarely need to buy replacements.

I can imagine Happ is struggling now due to the lack of working Arcades anymore; which was there biggest source of business.

When arcades are struggling, the last thing you can successfully do is charge more for your product. It’s the difference between them getting less money or no money.

The truth of the matter is we are facing a triple whammy with inflation right now. Quick money lesson. The US dollar is the worlds “reserve currency” which means when a company wants to buy something out of the country, they have to convert there money into US dollars. Why is this important is the US Government, with QE1 and QE2 has printed money out of nothing at a faster rate than usual. It now takes more dollars to buy the materials to build something and more dollars to pay for it, the third whammy is the effect this has on commodities (oil, gas , milk, meat, ect) our budgets are streched even further and with the upward pressure on oil this causes fuel to cost more and the raw materials (plastics) to make the items drive up the costs even more. Compare the price of milk, gas, bread, ect today with the price of these things 3 years ago. In many cases the prices have doubled (gas is only about $2 higher because there is less demand for gas) This is normal and natural, we have a terrible cycle like this about every 60-70 years. Mostly due to government interference, and after a while the governments either get bored, distracted, or run out of the “will” to help and get out of the way and the cycle starts again :slight_smile:

Supply and demand. There’s a large demand and almost nobody makes them anymore. Folks are starting to realize that games like Ikari Warriors, Time Soldiers, Heavy Barrel, 50 Caliber, etc, really need rotary controls to play properly. Many of the rotary joysticks that used to be available are no longer in production. Oscar Controls, the Happ U360 to name just a few. I have been looking for a rotary for several months and haven’t had any luck finding something REASONABLY priced. Hopefully, now that the demand is back, there will be some interest in developing a USB rotary joystick for MAME.

“Perfect360 Controls” are the ones who came up with the optical thing as seen on Sanwa’s FLASH1, and patented it. The Flash1’s case even has “perfect360” stamped on the case and marked on the PCB !
Happ did cut ties with all the quality producers as mentioned previously, now they’re just producing stuff made in the same factories as the clone shit you ssee on alibaba and ebay. With a substantial markup. They sell a couple of clones themselves in their online catalog!

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