Peoria Pizza Works SSF4 Summer Series - Peoria, IL - July 18, 2010

Sunday July 18, 2010
Peoria Pizza Works
3921 N. Prospect Ave. Peoria Heights map

Super Street Fighter IV double elimination tournament, PS3/360

and casuals at 1 p.m.
Tournament starts at 3 p.m.
Registration $5
70/20/10 pot split for the top three winners

All ages welcome! Come help us build our community!

See you all there!

:wonder:hows the turnout and comp. down there just like 2 know before i skip work and drive 3 hours lol

There’s a small but growing scene in Peoria, the competition covers a pretty broad spectrum, if you’re just getting back into SF (guessing so based on the post you made in the STL thread) it’d probably be a fun time. 3 hours is a long ass drive but you could always take some STL guys with you to make it less boring and defray gas costs :slight_smile:

will attend. :slight_smile:

Might make this.

ill be there want me to bring 360 tv?

Tentatively I’d say it probably won’t be necessary. The TO has 2 or 3 setups himself, I think.