People with some console modding experience! We need you!

Not sure if you’ve seen it but I’m trying to do a “idiot-proof” guide to hooking in all the old consoles into a modern TV for idiots like me who don’t know jack about squat about video stuff and thanks to the community here its going great.

What is this thread about? As I’m sure you know the NES and the N64 require a mod to be able to use SCART. I’m looking for anyone who’d be willing to accept (for lack of a better word) comissions to mod these consoles. I’d just leave your profile somewhere in the guide (possibly with location/prices) and if the guide takes off you could get a lot of work! (I’m one customer).

Thank you SRK!

EDIT: Now that we have sellers (though the more the merrier I say) and know that NES is nearly impossible and not at all practical I’m now looking for people who can mod regular N64s.

RGB/ Scart? On N64


Nothing on the NES. The NES might be too old of a console for native Scart support. Perhaps an adapter from composite to scart, component or VGA

My brother did an RGB mod for his NES, as well as psuedo stereo sound and replacing his pin connector to a higher quality one. The RGB mod basically as you replacing the PPU on the NES with one from a nintendo play arcade board which gets your the rgb leads which you can then wire up to a scart or a jrok for component video.

Wait, swapping the PPU from a old Nintendo VS system arcade board with the PPU from the NES would work?

I don’t know many people that would sacrifice a old Ninteno Vs system board for a NES mod.
Something that old and rare (An Nintendo Vs System arcade board), you more likely to get SRK members to flame you than offer help

That was an excellent read. In short: if its American and the serial number is before NS180875351 (could be later, that’s just the latest one listed). that means you have CPU 4 or earlier which means RGB mod works!! If you’re not American well… We didn’t need another reason to rock but we got one!

As for NES… crap. Still looking for multi consoles that have RGB support and don’t suck in some other way.

Thank you guys! I look forward to doing business with you all.

Swapping the PPU from a PlayerChoice arcade board with the one natively installed on the NES would allow for pure RGB output (though you’d need to amp up the RGB levels).

Its an option. You’re stuck with either RF, Composite, or doing the RGB mod and getting a nice clear picture for all your games. Would you want to sacrifice an old unused Nintendo PlayerChoice arcade board? Depends on you, how much you can get it for. Otherwise there is always emulation…

I’m on the verge of considering an RGB NES. It will apparently run you several hundred dollars. How much do you love Nintendo?

The elephant in the room is that the NES is one of the most well-emulated systems out there. Can’t get much more pure RGB than that. I do love playing on original hardware and all, but there are limits.

Boo emulation. Yay real hardware. I have my limits as well. I imagine I’ll buy a pre-modded system rather than spending big bucks to have one modded.

retro console accessories and doujindance both sell modded n64s on ebay. They are both good modders

Very rarely does a premodded nes or famicom come up for sale, and its doubtful you will save $$$ compared to getting one commissioned (if you can find one at all). Drakon does av fami rgb mods, and I got my rgb NES done by acem77. These usually require you to provide the console, and the ppu. ppu is often available on ebay, look for playchoice 10 boards - you can often get them for under $100

I have a PC 10 board, and I have an NES, and the kind of forbidden love you’re talking about I cannot allow. :smiley:

I found this on the topic of RGB support in modded NES consoles

Yes the Play Choice PPU hack could work, but from what I read you will have visual errors, colors will be off, artifacts, or even get white ehen the background usposed to be black. Also there is a number of NTSC NES games that do not want to work with the Play Choice 10 PPU.
I am certain a Nintendo Vs System PPU would not work as it uses completely different color pallets. This is why I was surprise of hearing about the PPU swap mod.

There is always the Famicom titler, Play famicom games (and NES games with cart adapter) and sub-title anime

This. Be prepared to drop like 4 bills, unless you are doing the mod yourself.

You can find lists of games w/ noteable palette issues after PPU swap. Not one of those games I was interested in.

Do your homework. VS games don’t all use the same PPU. Two are known to work well for NES PPU swapping.

Ok… Just N64 then! I’ll be sure to write in the NES information but you’d need someone with pretty deep pockets to wanna do the NES mod. Who knows of a good NES to USB converter? I’ve just thought of a cool alternative. Or they could just use composite? Hmmm… Might be worth it to just get a laptop for this but it kinda kills the idea…

At least we have some headway for N64. Edits coming soon. We still need modders so recommend away!

Modded XBOX [NOT THREE 6-TEE] is your friend.

The idea is to be able to use original hardware. But it will get a mention.

Cracking a Wii is dirt-ass simple if you have a copy of Super Smash Bros. Quite a good NES emulator on there (along with others).

But anyway, yeah, bleh. I need to stop replying in these threads.

you don’t even need that anymore:

You better not…

So NES is rather pricey, and in that particular case emulation might just be the way to go (still wanna find a way to use the original controllers on Wii(probably easy) and XBOX1).

I even know of NES emulators for Wii that do scanlines and widescreen and stuff. I’ll mention it even though it goes against the idea of the thread, mainly because 400$ is not feasible for most.

Also, since the N64 mod is so simple I’ve changed the thread title.

No mention of Famiclones yet? Easy to access RGB lines from pretty much any of them, you just have to deal with losing Castlevania 3 and a few far rarer games. Hell of a lot less risk to your pocket book if you flub the mod compared to the PPU swap mod.

Edit: As pointed out, this is incorrect. I have been unable to find any examples of Famiclones with accessible RGB lines. Sorry about that.