PCI TV Tuners. Help!

I need one for watching analog cable TV and using my XBOX 360 in my dorm, cause I really don’t want to buy another television, or have room here for my 32’ at home.

My specs are:

AMD Athlon XP X2 3800+
GeForce 7600GT
2GB Dual Channel RAM
Acer 17’ LCD monitor

Usually there is delay in TV tuners. I tried mine with a ps2 once and it didn’t go so well. Its the same with TV outs. So I suggest that you read the relevant specs carefully before getting one.

What would those relevant specs be?

The response of course. Your xbox games wont be much fun if your inputs respond half a second later on the screen. For starters, stay of the swann company stuff…I have one of them and it sucks. Most manufacturers wont include details like response in their catalog. So you will need to note the brand/model and search around to see anyone had luck with playing video games on it.

I’m thinking of buying this one. Any qualms?


My main concern right now is getting a TV tuner that will work well with my 360.

The guy is saying it works well with wii.