PCB's/Encoders that natively work with PS3 and 360?

Does anyone make any PCB’s or USB encoders that natively work with both a PS3 and a 360? Or do people just hack a game pad? I’m looking to build some sticks and am looking for the best encoders to use. What do you guys use or recommend?



Perfect… Thanks!

Also consider Zero Delay (PC/PS2 version) with a PS1-to-360 converter.

The ZD is $20 on eBay, and there are various converters (e.g. xTokki from eTokki.com)

Thanks… Will the Zero Delay work with the PSC without a converter?

For ease of use, quality and swag, the PS360+ is ftw.

However, the Paewang Revolution/ Datel Arcade Pro board is another popular choice. In the US they may not be cheaper than the PS360+, but in Europe (especially the UK), they are freely available for about £35.

There are two other options not involving padhacks:

A Qanba board. You can find these on ebay from 1 or 2 international sellers, but their cost makes them irrelevant imo. Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/QanBa-3-in-1-multi-platform-pcusb-PS3-XBOX-360-PC-for-fightstick-arcade-/320983730474?pt=Home_Automation_Controls_Touchscreens&hash=item4abc1f092a

You can also find a 360 board with jst headers and wiring on ebay or aliexpress, which I believe is less than the Paewang shipped, not including any import tax that might apply. You could pair this with a chimp or similar solution. Link: ebay.co.uk/itm/Arcade-Controls-to-USB-Adapter-Wiring-pc-ps2-ps3-360-/170885969288?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item27c998f588

Finally, the cheapest method is to use old Dual Shock 1/2 controller boards, and then use converters for the appropriate system. You can also use the Zero Delay PS2/3 encoders on ebay, and attach a ps2>360 converter to the ps2 end. This option is more a cost saving measure that depends on you reusing the same converter for different sticks, so is probably not suited if you plan on building for others.

Alainvey, Thanks! Much to consider…