Pcb starting to die?

I have a custom 360 stick with a madcatz pcb in it and sanwa parts, seems the buttons dont work sometimes but sometimes they do,and the soldering seems fine but I switched buttons around to see if its the button is self but its not, I don’t use this on my 360 anymore just pc, is my best bet to get a Cthulhu PC/PS3 Board and should work perfect/ and or the same as my 360 one? and all I need is that board, usb cable and I guess new wires and the little red connectors? and I’m good to go? these cthulhu boards are better quality and last longer than madcatz pcbs?

no one has any good/bad experience with cthulhu boards and using them on pc?

Give people some time to post, Cthulhu is nice but if you can’t figure out your current problem with your stick how do you see yourself installing it? Please post pictures inside of your stick also which stick? TE or SE?

Its a norris custom, and i soldered a madcatz pad for it about a year and a half ago, well the cthulhu is 100% solderless so seems alot less to go wrong with it, and seems quite afew peoples madcatz pcb died on them, but im not sure if thats an arcade stick prob or just mad catz quality

Cthulu is perfect for the PC. No issues whatsoever. Drop that Mad Crapz piece of shit pcb and put a Cthulu in it.

Molex A/B USB Cable, 10’ Black
is that 10 feet or inches?
and whats the difference with the chimp or standard one thats multi console?

Chimp is a Cthulu with a IMP board in one piece. The imp board makes things easier if you want a 360/PS3 stick (making the 360 portion easier).

The MC Cthulu has the ability to work on older consoles such as PSX, NEO GEO, SNES, and a whole slew of others.

Ah okay, I ordered the standard cthulu, I wont ever use a 360 again, just pc and sometimes a friends ps3