PCB soldering

Hi guys,

So recently I tried to mod my SFAC stick to play nice with my 360. With my lack of soldering experience I somehow either by overscratching the directional pad’s connections (need to scratch to get to the copper) or I overheated the connection so now I have one busted 360 controller and one frustrated as hell SF4 fan!

So I was wondering if anybody out there would like to do the soldering for me? I can either supply the wired 360 controller or pay you for it.

I live in Australia (Melbourne) so if anybody with better soldering experience than me would like to do this please speak up!!

With the Aussie dollar in the crapper right now I don’t have much money to spend on overseas shipping.

Thanks a lot guys.

Contact this guy and order a soldered 360 pad. You should be able to just connect it to your stick and be back in business.

There are contacts on the back of the pad that are much easier to solder too. Especially if it’s an official MS brand controller. The front directional solder points on those are a pain in the ass and I could never get them to hold well. Just use the contacts on the back.

Which points are on the back? Can you please point me to a picture or something?

Depends on what version you have.


^Has them all.

I think I have the early version… there’s no points for that! Out of luck again!

There should be points, they are probably just not marked. Follow the trace and see where it leads.

If you can’t get any soldering points on the back (although they should be there). Last resort, solder onto the conductive pathways which are right next to the solder points (the thin copper which goes to the solder point). I had to do that on my first soldering job, as I recked all the soldering points for two of the buttons - and it worked.