PC vipers?

I’ve played SF4 on PC ever since it came out. I’ve mained Viper since the PC release. However, out of all the matches I’ve played, I’ve only seen literally 3-4 vipers, all of which who didn’t really know what they were doing.

Is Viper really that rare, or am I just somehow missing something?

I hear no one plays on PC any ways. Viper is rare on every system. Why would people sitting in their basement eating nachos and playing SFIV inbetween football games pick Viper? Viper is almost too complicated for a SF game for random joe shmoe scrub who makes up 75 percent of online play to pick Viper. Everyone else knows Viper has limits and stick with easier safer characters that aren’t prone to losing matches due to the slightest of delay and Viper’s natural defensive issues. Viper only really works in an environment where people are playing offline all the time and you can go through the trial and error required to play Viper seriously.

Most people who pick Viper and are able to be a threat are mainly Guilty Gear players or people who have been playing other serious fighting games for years. Viper requires you to think on a crazy level just so you can lose to BS characters like Gief, Rufus and Rog. :lol: To be truthful Viper has the tools to win against all of those characters but it requires too much effort on her part compared to the lack of effort they put in. With the exception of Gief who your high damage strategies don’t work on so you’re basically trying to snipe him with low damage fireballs and then when you get grabbed the game is over. Otherwise…the fact that Viper can potentially hit you and end the round from near anywhere on the screen is cool but the work you have to put in to do it is worthy of a 100,000 dollar salary. Seriously.

Basically people know Viper is hella work and requires you to basically learn how to play Guilty Gear or Marvel in a game where everyone else is playing a much easier game.

I’m all depressed now. The effort to payoff ratio comparison is so true. Also I was a casual GG player, so that part is kinda true too lol

I’ve stubbornly stuck with her for about 600 matches so far, even if I end up raging alot because lag caused a mis-timed Ultra juggle or whatever BS online brings to the table. She and Dudely are the only SF characters I’ve ever truly liked to play as.

I’m a PC viper migrating over from the ps3, been using viper since march and pretty much know her ins and outs, I’ve only seen 1 who was Korean but when we was about to fight it gpt disconnected >_> , but if your up for some brawls my live ID is Alcheymyst

I play Viper on the side, im not great or anything, but viper is fun. Pctag: LushyLushy
contact me for some viper practice XD

But I’ve been gone for 2 months.

I have tried playing my viper on the PC, but it’s way too laggy. I just usually stick to playing viper offline or on xbox live with my friends (usually always five bar connection).

I play on PC as Aumni. I can do some good stuffs with Viper!

My main is C,Viper and I play on PC.



I’m still learning her but I’m pretty good just based of my experience with street fighter.

I won’t touch Street Fighter IV until my fightstick comes in…then I’ll probably spend the next 2 weeks moddin’ it…but if you want to play me when I come out of nerd hibernation msg me!

Hah I just got SFIV for PC a week ago and have been struggling for days with viper. She seems like a fun flashy character, which I like. But I found myself finding it impossible to pull off most of her combos online. It seems the input frames for her combos are extremely unforgiving… I came on here looking for advice and I find this thread saying how rare viper is on PC and that her combos are indeed hard for everyone to do online.
Oh so sad :frowning: I literally lost all my initial battlepoints by losing match after match with viper.
I’ll probably keep playing her for fun, and because I’m stubborn. But anyway, could someone recommend a second character for beginner sfiv players? My only real street fighter background is with years of playing 3rd strike in arcade and xbox(original). I was actually good at that game :-/

Viper is the hardest character you can start with in SFIV, so if you can tough it out… by all means.

I know I have already gone through the rough patch, all I need now is to get back into tourney shape. I need to hit the ground running.

my friend is maining viper, he will give u a run for your money because he practiced like crazy and has all her techniques down to muscle memory. if your looking for someone to practice with his PC id is “plieu86”

Refraxion - We gotta get some games together! I’ll send you an invite tonight (GWFL: Aumni)

Cheezy: Tell Plieu86 that the best PC viper in the world ‘Aumni’ will challenge him. Then laugh and say ‘Just kidding he’s really not the best.’

Sure, I’ll see what I can do! I haven’t been playing too much so I’ll be terribad haha

I main Honda on the PC, so if any of you Viper players want some matches to practice (I will pick any characters really XD ) then add me :stuck_out_tongue:
My gamer tag is Bunty Rice.

I’m getting sick of playing Akumas, Sagats and Ryus (just like everyone else), so fighting a good Viper would be good fun XD

Would love to play some Vipers … I main Bison but have been playing a rather clueless Viper for t he past couple days. On the bright side, I feel like Viper’s focus on execution has improved my Bison play, so it’s a win/win in that regard. GFWL = delirium83