PC version of SF4 Screen Tearing?

Not sure the best place to ask this, but wondering how do I deal with this?
My CPU surpasses the requirements necessary to run it on my computer, and I get a Rank A when doing the benchmark. Yet for some reason, I get massive screen tearing while I play. Any reason why?

Using Nvida 650 Ti video card, if that helps.

I’m not a PC expert, but try enabling/disabling vsync

Tell me your specs and all the settings you have set on or off.

Alright, I’ll screenshot the benchmark and settings once I’m back home and post it here.

Here we go, tell me what I should adjust:

Your specs definitely look good enough to run the game, and the A on benchmark helps too, still not sure.

  • Try going on steam and checking if you have the latest video drivers
  • Vsync on is what helps fight visual tearing, but you lose FPS though
  • Ask on Steam community forums

Unless you have V-Sync on and you play on a LCD, you will have tearing. If you turn V-Sync on, it will cap your fps to your monitor’s refresh and eliminate tearing, but will also cause input lag.

Pick your poison.

I get it too. Since Vsync sucks when you play street fighter I just learned to accept the tearing. If it really bothers you getting a really good gaming screen might help. You don’t really notice it after awhile though.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

Interesting, I guess I’ll have to play on my Asus monitor and see what’s up. Just so odd since this is the only game to do this on my current PC monitor and those games require way higher specs. Granted, it’s large (37 inches) and I times I do see it screen tear in certain YouTube vids (rare, but it happens).

My video drivers are all up to date, and the steam community seems to express the same problem.
Ah, guess I’ll have to accept it from what you’ll are telling me :frowning:

It doesn’t have anything to do with the monitor. If it’s any kind of LCD and you have vsync off, you’re going to get screen tearing. vsync will always add input lag, and the vsync that’s offered inside SF4 adds a lot more input lag than it should. if you’re willing to take an extra frame of input lag to get rid of screen tearing, enable vsync on you graphics card settings. I wouldn’t use the in-game vsync for any reason.

IMO it’s a lot easier to get used to screen tearing than the extra input lag. YMMV I suppose.

Gotta get used to the screen tearing.
Doesn’t hinder your play anyways.

If you turn vsync on you get massive input delay so basically what you get for nicer graphics is frustrating controls.

Personally, I don’t see the tearing anymore.
If you concentrate on the actual game, you won’t even notice.

The fact that your using an HDTV instead of a monitor does not help either. Lol
Evo monitors for the win!

I believe you get screen tearing when your fps is too high for your monitor’s refresh rate. I have the same problem which doesn’t make any sense because I wasn’t getting screen tearing problems in SF4 when I had my old monitor with 60 hertz refresh rate, but I was getting screen tearing on other games. Then when I upgrade my monitor SF4 starts tearing, but the other games with the problem are fixed. Capcom why?

Alright, so I found the solution without sacrificing any input lag.

On the Nvdia Control Panel, under 3D Settings, Go to Manage 3D Settings and select the Global Settings Tab. From there, scroll down and look for an option called Vertical Sync, place that on Adaptive. Feels the same, and the screen tear seems 95% gone. I still see it in the intro when Ken and Ryu try to kiss on the menu, and now my benchmark puts out constant 60 FPS, rather than the 120+ it was pulling earlier. During battle, I don’t see it, and I’m trying my hardest to look for it. Played it with a buddy, not feeling any input lag, deep DPs are good for us.

On the other hand, I was also suggested to use an Aero Theme for my Windows Desktop as well. I went ahead and selected one in my Control Panel > Personalization, and I think that helped? I dunno.

But yeah, seems like we’re good to go.

The HD TV I’m using isn’t much of an HD TV at all, actually. It may be 37 inches, but everything looks like shit when running 1080p. It wasn’t designed to look nice, but rather, just to play. It’s a old Westinghouse TV that has no lag… which is debatable since I’m sure someone out there disagrees, I just don’t know who. Evo monitors are great, but not perfect.

you turned on vsync in your video driver, which is what we suggested to you. so maybe it feels the same but you’re playing with +1f of input lag now. which is still a lot better than the Capcom vsync.

Ah, oops, overlooked that part. I mis-read your post about the settings on v sync and thought you spoke about the in-game settings both times.

Still, kinda lame how poorly optimized this game is for PC :frowning:

screen tearing is a consequence of computer graphics per se. you can’t optimize it away, it’s just the way the hardware works. vsync is there for a reason.
regarding the pc port of sf4: it’s quite the opposite, the engine is highly optimized and even works performant on way outdated systems.

time to upgrade the monitors

Seems like the only benefit is when you system is not capable to maintain steady 60fps, otherwise there is no difference between this and using vsync.
But I guess it’s great for watching movies where the monitors refresh rate is not necessarily a multiplay of the movies fps.

edit: nope, forget that. g-sycn doesn’t even work for framerates under 30.

So… G-Sync will be the future of gaming monitors?