PC Screenshots Folder location?

Hey I’ve tried taking screenshots in game using the PrintScreen button, and the game paused for a bit meaning it definitely did something, but then I go in the StreetFighter AE folder, and I can’t find anything close to a screenshot. The image isn’t saved onto my clipboard as well, so i can’t put it in MS Paint. I’ve also tried looking in the Street Fighter folder in My Documents. Couldn’t find anything.

As simple a question it is, I’ve tried using search on the forum for an answer, but I can’t find anything close.

Could someone tell me where I can find screenshots? or if theres no official screenshot folder, can you tell me how you manage screen captures? Thanks.

If you’re playing on stream you can take screenshots with F12

Screenshots are usually just saved on to the clipboard and you need to paste them into something like MSPaint

Yeah I dont know why, but at first when I CTRL+V’d into paint it didn’t do anything. It’s working now though. Thanks for the response.