[PC] New To Fighting Games ! - Controller Related!

Hello SRK! New Guy here. Could you guys give me some suggestions.

My situation here is that I don’t plan on buying any CONSOLE. At the moment I only have Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite on PC, but I do plan on getting more Fighting games in the future!

I don’t own any Controllers so its a fresh start from here on out!

so for those that has experience with these controllers which do you guys prefer ? Which do you guys Recommend or better suited for Fighting Games, & Also is it better to use the D-Pad or Analog Stick of the Controller?

So my options are:

[] PS4 Pad
] Xbox 1 Pad
[*] HORI Fighting Commander Pad


I’d say the PS4 pad is probably a good bet. I know quite a few players who use it and like it so long as it’s in good condition. I’ve not heard much about the XB1 pad, and I’ve heard the HORI pad tends to wear out fairly quickly.

In general, d-pads are better than using the analog stick, since it affords greater precision in your inputs as well as greater speed (compare doing forward-forward with pad vs analog). If you don’t have some mean thumb calluses, then get ready to deal with some pain until you can build them up. I remember doing training mode back in the day until my skin was raw and the top layer started coming off. Not a problem anymore.

If you ever decide to go all out and purchase an arcade stick, get a good one. Almost anything that’s new and in the sub-$100 range for arcade sticks is nearly unusable garbage and will make learning stick much more difficult than it would be otherwise.

Tips: Learn to use the pad in the way most comfortable for you. Different players use different parts of their fingers/thumbs to manipulate the controls. Generally though, the people I see who use the middle joint of their thumb rather than the thumb tip for the d-pad tend to have a hard time doing motions. If you don’t have much experience using a pad, play other games with it too like some classic arcade games. Your hands should get used to the usage of the pad and the placement of the buttons.

The Hori Fighting Commander is the best of the ones you listed. It has 6 big face buttons. Perfect for any fighting game out there. PS4 pad and Xbox pads are not as good as the one on the Hori. The FC suffered from frequent breaks in older versions, but the newer one that looks like an old Sega Genesis pad (boomerang look) seems to hold up for a long time. Def go with that one and NOT a PS4 pad.

Get the Hori FC. The PS4 will be better in some ways, but the fact that the Hori FC is just plug and play on PC, and you don’t need 3rd party tools to use it outshines the PS4 pad’s everything else. Also, if you get a Hori FC you can get the PS3, PS4, or Xbox version, and use it for both a future console, or a PC.

Also, the normal consensus is Arcade Stick > DPad > Analog Stick.

Note: If you plan on playing non-fighters with a controller you might want the PS4 after all. Most PC games use a 4 top button / 4 face button / 2 stick layout for their controller layouts.

Not sure if OP is still taking recommendations. I am a stick player with fighting games and adamantly prefer that. I’ve been forced to play pad before and in that regard the PS4 controller is great. Xbone controller is much nicer feeling though and a controller I like a lot in general. An Xbox controller is easier to work with on PC but if you have basic understanding of controller emulators that is hardly an issue either way.