PC Inside the Fightstick

Has anyone done this? I’m seriously thinking about it. The latest Intel and AMD embedded graphics are more than good enough for SFIV and there are mini-ITX motherboards available for them. The fightstick would just have an HDMI port that could plug into any TV. Heat and fan noise would be an issue but I think it’s manageable.

I have a 5" lcd display I thought about building a stick with it and a mini PC but at the time stuff wasn’t small/powerful/efficient enough to be battery operated and run modern 3d fighters. So i haven’t bothered yet. Good luck with it I would love to see pictures.

Hmmmm… I think now this project would go a lot better if I wait a year or so. I think by then the Intel Atom boards (and AMD equivalents) will be able to handle SFIV. Then it would be totally fanless, not to mention less than half the cost.

Even with Mini-itx formfactor parts or a laptop motherboard, its still too much to fit into a stick. You either going to have a HUGE stick or downgrade the PC hardware.
If you do not mind emulators to older systems a Raspberry Pi is Perfect

I believe Gummo put a netbook (with the screen removed) into a MadCatz Pro stick. Maybe you could find a small laptop and hack that in there, a lot of the work would be done for you already anyway.

I’m not sure if hd4000 can run SF4 60 fps constant. AMD solutions likely could, but they’d also be warmer. I’d probably wait for the next gen intel graphics tbh.

Interesting. Steam recommends a Geforce 8600 or above. The most powerful 8600 (GTS) has a lower G3D score than the HD4000. Lower than the 3000 in fact.

HD4000 is fairly similar in strength to 8600 cards. But that also doesn’t mean you’ll get 60fps constant. And if you’re on here, I assume that’s what you demand because it’s not legitimate otherwise. If you’re just looking for 30fps min then it’s a different situation and hd4000 would probably work.

I just bought it on Steam and tested it. I have an i5-3570K. Doing the benchmark I got 80fps average running at 720p.

i remember the psone has a small screen accessory and even a battery for playing outdoors, will be amazing to see that inside an arcade stick, just think about playing SF alpha again!!

psone didnt have a first party battery I think, also PSOne ports were bleh, you’re looking through rose-tinted glasses.

adafruit.com sells adorable little HDMI/composite screens, if you can’t find a PSONE one. If you can find one of those controllers with the screen, they work too.

Well then, that’s positive news at least. I’ve only seen worse benchmarks on HD4000 in SF4. Well, did it hold 60 constant or also drop below? I suppose laptop/mini systems will also generally have weaker architectures as well.

Check out Intel’s Next Unit of Computing. They’re either 4" x 4" or 5" x 5". Definitely smaller than itx.

will sell faster than hot cake porn

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I used the game’s own benchmark and it doesn’t give that info. I lowered some of the graphics settings and got over 100fps average.

Of course it would be ridiculous to put an Ivy Bridge inside a fightstick. The only thing I could find that might actually work is this:
But that’s probably too weak. I think we’re very close thought.

Not sure I agree with that. Obviously a low profile stick is out of the question, but a Mini-ITX board is about 7x7 and about 3 inches high with normal sized heatsinks. A TE fightstick is around 17x12 and 6.2" high. The board could probably fit under the stick, and even if it couldn’t it wouldn’t have to since there’s more than enough room on the right side.

An external PSU would be used. Microsoft doesn’t officially support installations on USB flash drives, but I think there’s a trick to do it, so you wouldn’t need space for an HD or SSD. The only awkward looking part would be the wifi antenna.

Intel NUC. Board size is 4" x 4"